"A story light on romance but strong on visuals"

Detective Sky O'Malley and Lieutenant Jim McBride work for the Sex Squad in an alternate Vermont. They were going to be married but Sky had this quaint notion about remaining a virgin until the wedding...ceremony, that is. All weddings are consummated in public in this sex-oriented society.

After their break-up, Sky accepts an undercover role. She is to penetrate the infamous LOVERBOY's sexual training school and uncover evidence that he is training sex slaves. Although this is not a crime in the new Vermont, USA; evading income taxes is and LOVERBOY is headed for trouble.

Not pleased with Sky's new assignment, Jim takes on the role of her undercover partner...and training partner. Both infiltrate the school and the sexual tension mounts.

I thought the premise of this book was interesting and it was an easy read, as far as following the plot goes. Regrettably, the authors could have spent more time on character and plot development. A story light on romance but strong on visuals, this book might be fun to read with a partner over a secluded weekend. The scenes are varied and graphic. This book will appeal to a very specific group of readers. Others should look elsewhere.

Reviewed by Gina Duvall
Posted January 1, 2004


In the future...
Marriage is consummated in front of a preacher, friends and family. It is a world where sex slaves, sex drugs and prostitution are carefully monitored and legal. A world where today's traditional values are frowned upon....

When Sex Squad Detective Sky O'Kelley tells her fellow co- worker/fiancÚ she wants to follow an old tradition of saving her virginity until their wedding night, he dumps her. Angry and hurt at his rejection, Sky undertakes a dangerous assignment. She must go undercover with her ex- fiancÚ to find out if "Loverboy" is training sex slaves without the government's permission and to search for their boss's daughter, a woman rumored to be in Loverboy's Sex Slave Course.

Rating: May not be suitable for sensitive readers. Contains graphic sex & coarse language.


by Lauren Agony, Jan Springer

New Concepts Publishing
June 1, 2003
ISBN #1586084070
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