"A traditional Gothic romance with a graceful style and genuine emotion"

Sabrina Ayers's family is scorned and laughed at in a small, deceptively picturesque town in California. A gloomy secret of the past, once revealed, became the family's curse. But there are more secrets waiting in the dark...

Sabrina dreams to leave and find a new life for herself (which brings a certain question to the mind of this curious reader: why the family never considered leaving the town, not once during more than fifty years, if their life there was so miserable?), but before she can spread her wings and soar, she has to fight many battles; discover many truths, and to cure her broken heart. Broken heart, you ask? There must be a mysterious stranger then? Yes, there is a mysterious stranger, and his name is Richard Tate. And within the walls of the Tate Mansion the innocence of Sabrina's soul will be lost forever.

A traditional Gothic romance, EVEN ANGELS FALL demonstrates both the strength of the classic form and its limitations. This story is a mild, nostalgic, PG-13 type of a Gothic novel. Its characters are well-drawn and intriguing, especially Sabrina's moody, mysterious Mother and Richard Tate, who is a fallen angel of sorts himself. Other characters are three-dimensional, lively and interesting, too -- all, except Sabrina. She is likeable enough, sweet and innocent and not without a spine. However, Sabrina is unable to break out of the traditional Gothic heroine mold. The story lingers on her life before the main intrigue starts to uncoil, but there isn't enough of it to hold this reader glued to the page. Once the plot thickens after a few chapters, EVEN ANGELS FALL is a tight, passionate read.

There are a genuine emotion behind the story, a genuine love for the genre and a graceful style that promises to bloom into finesse. There is a neatly woven web of secrets. There are an innocent beauty and a mysterious stranger. What else one might want from a Gothic novel? This one is an enjoyable reading experience; especially for a quiet evening when a storm is raving outside... the proper atmosphere heightens the pleasure!

Daria Karpova Copyright 2003
For PNR Reviews

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 1, 2004


A young woman named Sabrina Ayers meets the dashing, handsome Richard Tate and is intorduced to his grieving estate--the eerie Tate Mansion. She finds herself drawn into a world of frightening deceptions, forbidden obsessions, and dark family secrets--in a haunted house as mysterious as its master... Will Sabrina unlock the mystery of the mansion in time to save herself?


Even Angels Fall
(Devour Family Saga: Book 1)
by Sherry Mauro

PublishAmerica, Inc.
August 1, 2003
Available: August 1, 2003
ISBN #159129973X
EAN #9781591299738
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