"Great worldbuilding and storytelling"

In the Kingdom of Keshaerlan, twenty-one years old orphaned barmaid Aenna hears several patrons toasting Prince Kurit's last mortal days. Doing her civic duty, Aenna treks for two days to warn the royal of the danger that he will face though she does not expect to get close to the royal party. She succeeds and Kurit appreciates Aenna's efforts. To keep her safe, he takes her with him as he and his cousin Jarik flee the killers for the safety of the capital Endren.

While the "Prince" rides, Aenna walks with Jarik, but falls in love with her perambulatory companion only to learn that he is Kurit. Surprisingly Kurit has fallen in love too. Though she was born a peasant, he believes she will make wonderful queen when he inherits the throne. Kurit's mother, Queen Kasha believes Aenna is too beneath her and her son so she tries to drive the peon away so that Kurit will wed her chosen one.

SORROWS OF ADORATION is a beautiful tale that will remind readers of Cinderella (Barrymore's version) though the heroine seems much more capable of living on her own. The suspense takes a secondary but supportive role to a charming cast. This is a very enjoyable tale that readers will relish, but sadly no directly related sequel seems likely. The queen is a delicious villain who readers will love to hate. Author Kimberly Chapman is a gifted storyteller who will be tomorrow's superstar in the fantasy romance sub-genre.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted December 29, 2003


The barmaid Aenna overhears a plot to kill the heir to the throne and decides to leave her life behind to warn him. Aenna and the Prince fall in love, but this is not a fairy tale romance. Endless problems threaten to destroy the couple, including the love that grows between Aenna and her Champion, the Prince's cousin.


Sorrows of Adoration
by Kimberly Chapman

Novel Books, Inc.
October 1, 2003
ISBN #1591051894
427 pages
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