"Sparks fly between naïve Cassie and gun-for-hire 'Angel'"

Cassie has done it again. She's gotten herself in trouble. She didn't mean to. Her intentions were good, but then her intentions are always good. Cassie meddles. When she sees a problem she attempts to fix it. This time she's tried to fix the feud between the MacKauleys and the Catlins. She's done this by encouraging a romance with hopes of a marriage between the youngest in each family. Unfortunately on the wedding night they had a fight and went back home to their respective families. Now both families are angry with Cassie and have given a date by when she has to leave the area.  

Cassie writes to Lewis Pickens a Peacemaker to come and help her out with her little problem. It is not Lewis Pickens but Angel, who we met in Johanna Lindsay's previous book Savage Thunder. Lewis has gotten himself shot so he in turn asks his friend Angel to go in his place as a favor. Cassie is not impressed. She wanted a peacemaker not a hired gun. She's worried that if the MacKauleys and Catlins see Angel they'll think she hired him to fight them instead of talk. 

The sparks fly from the beginning. Angel thinks Cassie is naïve not to mention mouthy. Cassie thinks all Angel knows is how to kill. Thinking to throw the MacKauleys off the track when she meets them in town; she claims Angel is her fiancée. After attempts to scare her into leaving fail; R.J. MacKauley comes to the ranch with a preacher in tow and insists at gun point that Cassie and Angel marry. Now the excitement really begins between the two of them.  

I like the two main characters. Cassie is not afraid to speak her mind, which is unusual in that time period when women really had no voice especially in marriage.

Marriage is a 50-50 proposition and they exemplify it very well in this book. There are other strong women in the book as well. The men are not weak but they accept the fact that women have a mind as well.  Johanna Lindsay has given us another keeper.

Sophie Murphy © Copyright July 2002

Reviewed by Sophie Murphy
Posted December 28, 2003


A Touch of Hell

Hoping to cool off a twenty-five-year-old feud between two neighboring families, Cassie Stuart only succeeds in pouring kerosene on the flames.  both sides have warned her to get out of Texas pronto...or they will burn her father's ranch to the ground.  What Cassie needs is a peacemaker--but she ends up with a widow-maker instead.

A Taste of Heaven

He is called Angel--a ruggedly handsome hired gun with eyes as black as sin.  Unwanted and unwelcomed by his ungrateful employer, he would just as soon leave Cassie to fend for herself.  But a stubborn sense of duty--and a desire to taste the sweetness of her kiss--steels Angel's resolve to makes Cassie want him, come hell or high water...and for more than his gun alone.


by Johanna Lindsey

Avon Books
December 13, 1992
ISBN #0380756285
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