"Collection of thirteen tales set in a wide variety of microscopic realms"

Fans of movies like Fantastic Voyage or The Incredible Shrinking Man/Woman will appreciate this collection of thirteen tales set in a wide variety of microscopic realms. Each tale is unique, but share in common that the perspective of micro is in the eye of the beholder. Using advances in physics that make the previously mentioned movies seem dated; the anthology furbishes the audience with delightful tales that run the gamut from micro- creator to sentient atoms. Besides strong interesting tales, the key to the collection is that these tiny worlds seem real due to physical symmetry in their design, no mean feat for any contribution let alone a Baker's dozen. Fans of existing acceptable state of the science in their fiction will appreciate each contribution that not only provides effective insight into current theories and knowledge of inner space, but also does so within powerful tales that makes these realms seem so real.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted December 21, 2003


Award-winning author and scientist Gregory Benford has collected all-new, hard-science stories about miniature universes of every imaginable kind. These 13 stories will open portals into unforgettable universes that exist within or outside our own.

With stories by Stephen Baxter, Pamela Sargent, Robert J. Sawyer Robert Sheckley, George Zebrowski, and other masters.


by Editor Gregory Benford

Daw Books
January 6, 2004
ISBN #0756401712
320 pages
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