"Romance That Takes a Backseat to None!"

As if probation wasn't enough, now Cupid and his mother Venus have been demoted as well. It wasn't bad enough Venus had lost her man to the "fruit tart", now Daddy Dearest has was stuck her with the hussy's job. (Can you say, "Watermelon's don't grow on trees"?) It gets worse, Venus's replacement is none other than Vesta, Goddess of Virtue, and she's about to put passion out of fashion.

The new Goddess of Fruit Trees isn't about to let that happen. Now poor Cupid is wondering what could possibly be worse than being "goat boy", God of Flocks and Shepherds. Cupid's not the only one with an itch to scratch, as Venus is about to prove that "nobody does it better", by fixing up the most mismatched couple ever.

Andrew Sullivan and Francesca Ling certainly qualify. Andrew is a self-made millionaire who, due to his parents' deaths, never completed his senior year of High School. He'd spent the intervening years supporting and raising his siblings. Finally the last one has graduated from college and Drew has made as much money as he'll ever need. Not yet forty, he's decided to retire and have all the fun he'd missed. No wife and kids in Drew's future, he'd been there, done that. Unfortunately when it comes to having fun, Drew doesn't have a clue. Enter Venus, Cupid, and one Francesa Ling.

Frankie is about as different from Drew as one can get. The product of an Italian mother and a Chinese father, she's is petite, quirky, and fun loving. Frankie is a jack of all trades and a master of none, a free spirit. With two grandmother's who have an answer for everything and a tendency for matchmaking, Frankie's been too busy dodging "suitable husbands" to consider settling down. That is until a certain tall, auburn haired millionaire walks through the doors of her family's limousine business.

Drew has his heart set on a cross country tour of all the places he never got to see. Due to otherworldly intervention, the directionally challenged Frankie is assigned to drive, on her father's condition that she stick firmly to Drew's itinerary. Frankie is determined to prove herself, even if Drew's points of interest are as much fun as a high school history field trip. But no matter how carefully she follows directions the two never quite end up where they are supposed to be. The road to love takes hilarious detours as Cupid and Venus pull out all the stops to show Jupiter just who are the masters of the love game.

For those of you who've have been paying attention to the titles, we've just wrapped up CC, dare we speculate what DD could be, ? Damsel in Distress? Devastating Darts? With Cupid and Venus you never know. Guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Copyright 2001
Review based on ImaJinn Books version - February 1, 2001, ISBN #1893896137

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted October 2, 2001


Andrew Sullivan has spent his life raising his siblings and making money. Now he's sold his business and wants to take a driving vacation across the United States. But he's never learned to drive and hires Francesca Ling to chauffeur him. Unaware that she's directionally impaired, Andrew finds himself lusting after the sexy free-spirited Frankie. But Andrew isn't about to fall for a maddening woman who can't read a map, parallel park or get anywhere on time. Or can he?

Frankie Ling knows she's driving Andrew crazy. But the stodgy financial wizard needs to learn how to have fun and she's determined to teach him. She sets out to show him the time of his life, but when her heart gets involved, she puts on the brakes. Andrew's made his mark on the world, but Frankie is just getting started in her career and doesn't need a man to complicate her life.

Can Cupid and Venus convince this mismatched pair that they belong together? No ones plays the love game as well as they do, and they are determined to do the impossible...

Also in electronic format: Amber Quill Press, ISBN: 1592791875


The Captivating Chauffeur
(Cupid: Book 3)
by J. M. Jeffries

Amber Quill Press
January 1, 2004
ISBN #1592798764
EAN #9781592798766
182 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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