"DESTINY is destined to keep you reading!"

Elizabeth Haydon concludes the saga begun with RHAPSODY and PROPHECY in DESTINY. Rhapsody's love of children arouse her protector instincts and determination. The Rakshaka has bred children with demon blood and she is determined to go to the gates of Death for help in ridding them of demon blood. Achmed hopes to use the blood to track the demon and with Rhapsody and Gunther, destroy the F'dor causing havoc in the world.

Rhapsody is reunited with Ashe although her continuous avoidance of him brings a mix of frustration and hope. With help from Achmed and Ashe, Rhapsody persuades the factions of the Lirin to reunite only to find that the F'dor is not the only evil in their world.

I refuse to give the end away and I recommend those who traditionally read the ending first to resist. Who is the F'Dor host is almost as shocking as finding Meridian's true identity. After reading the end, I do want to reread the trilogy to look for points of interest as the author has done such a good job of tying the story.

Good wins over evil; love conquers all and a quest successfully fulfilled... Ms. Haydon's style transcends genre limits and will appeal to many who read for the entertainment as well as drama and adventure

Cy Korte Copyright August 2001
for & ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted September 30, 2001


DESTINY: Child of the Sky
by Elizabeth Haydon

Tor Books
August 1, 2001
ISBN #0312867506
480 pages
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