"Fantasy trilogy begins with love & ends in adventure"

Rhapsody is half-Lirin, a child of the sky. Her magic lies in music, which is why she is called a Singer. Her training incomplete, she is unsure of her powers. She accidentally finds her power as a Namer -- a singer who can attune herself to the vibrations of all things and rename people, changing their basic identities. She 'adopts as brothers' two strangers to be her rescuers. "The Brother" is a professional assassin who she accidentally renamed Achmed the Snake breaking his enslavement to a F'dor demon and Grunthor, a Sergeant Major whose off color jokes and chants make their adventure bearable. Both are half-breed Firbolg, a cannibalistic race.

Rhapsody wonders, has she escaped evil only to be captured by Achmed or is he her rescuer? The F'dor sends minions in and attempt to rebind Achmed and the 3 escape into the roots of a World Tree. While at the center of the world, Achmed shows Rhapsody the primal wyrm which the F'dor wish to wake to devour the world. They emerge after facing many dangers, which has transformed them in some powerful ways. It is shattering finding themselves in another country and centuries later. Achmed the assassin is Child of Blood, Grunthor is Child of Earth, and Rhapsody is Child of the Sky. They are spoken of in a prophecy and left to wonder how they are to fulfill the prophecy and defeat the F'dor.

Haydon's magic world is interesting and consistent making the fantasy come to life. The 1990s dialogue can be a bit harsh, but is easily understood. The blend of humor and angst bring their adventure to life. You are left wondering who Meridian is -- the one who has been manipulating time to start this adventure, but have no doubt all is focused on defeating the demon. This is the first of trilogy, followed by PROPHECY and DESTINY.

Cy Korte Copyright September 2001
for & ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted September 30, 2001


RHAPSODY: Child of Blood
by Elizabeth Haydon

Tor Books
June 1, 2000
ISBN #0812570812
Paperback (reprint)
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