"...delightful tale, that pulls you in from the first word."

In a delightful tale, that pulls you in from the first word, CJ Winters tells the story of Kama Roxbury and Rey Brodie. Of how they traveled back to 1811 and meet a young couple Lache and Ellie who are to be married in the spring and that will mean a great deal to Kama and Rey.

While at The Granite Fork Inn taking depositions from employees on behalf of the owner, Ray Brodie and Kama Roxbury decide to take a sleighride. Although it is a first for them, they weren't afraid of getting lost as their horse Chanda knows his way back.

As they take in the snowy scenery and talk of the office it's getting colder and starts snowing heavily. Rey turns the sleigh around, they are thankful for Chanda and his sense of getting back to his oats. As the snow thickens, until they can barely see, Kama sees lights up ahead overjoyed to finally be getting back to the inn. As they get closer they noticed there are other buildings around and know they are lost, but can ask directions once inside.

As they walk into the tavern they notice something is dreadfully wrong. The woman coming towards them is dressed like Martha Washington, there are only candles and the fire from the fireplace to give light, customers are eating with wooden spoons, and the girl stirring the food looks vaguely familiar but they don't know from where. As they sit down at the table they decide that they are in an reenactment or a movie set.

And so begins their adventure and one that will captivate and keep you turning the pages until the end.

Reviewed by DonnaJ copyright 2001

Reviewed by Donna Whitten
Posted December 7, 2003


Also available in electronic format - ISBN: 158200613X

When their sleigh glides into a surprise Vermont snowstorm, the wily horse delivers his 21st century passengers, Kama and Rey, to a country tavern in the year 1811.

Shaken, worried and fascinated, the two attorneys set their cool, logical minds in search of explanation. However the attentions of a rowdy, charismatic young farmer and his shy betrothed expand their confusion.

Ensnared in the skein of a time long past, Rey and Kama seem destined to bear the passion and pain of love that cannot be...and will not be denied.


by C. J. Winters

Hard Shell Word Factory
April 1, 2001
ISBN #0759901147
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