"Historically accurate and still enchanting love story"

Elizabeth Delisi's LADY OF THE TWO LANDS is an interesting time-travel that takes us back to the time of Hatshepsut and her royal architect, Senemut.

The story plays off the true facts of the female pharaoh's reign and the suspected romance between her and Senemut. Research shows that Hatshepsut did indeed rule the two lands of upper and lower Egypt, and her temple was one of the most beautiful ever created, though after her death, many images of her were destroyed in an apparent attempt to erase her memory from history.

What Ms. Delisi tells is her version of the rule and she concentrates on the relationship between the female pharaoh and the man she trusted more than any other, Senemut. It is a very carefully rendered insight into the lives of both and the relationship that ensues.

LADY OF THE TWO LANDS is a well-researched story that will take you back in time to an ancient Egypt where magic was never doubted and the impossible made possible.

Reviewed for PNR Reviews by
Sheri L. McGathy , Author

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted December 7, 2003


Lady of the Two Lands
by Elizabeth Delisi

Novel Books, Inc.
April 7, 2003
ISBN #1591051932
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