"Blue Moon makes the reader feel with the characters"

The town of Blue Moon is dying and the Blue Moon Diner, with it. Jacob McBride, the owner, has been having a particularly bad time recently. The diner, started by his grandfather, later operated by his father, and now Jacob's, is going broke, his wife ran off with another man and was killed in an accident, and his baby daughter is failing fast. The baby refuses to accept the formula that is all Jacob can offer, now that his wife is gone. Jacob is about at the end of his rope when he's assigned a guardian angel. True, this "angel" is temporary, a soul, recently released from an earthly body in whom God sees something worth saving, who is being giving one last chance.

Jacob finds a woman huddled in a corner of the ladies room one night and moves her to his office, where his daughter Katie is sleeping. Before he can find out anything about her, she falls asleep, so he leaves her there asleep on an old sofa and continues with his cleaning chores. When Katie wakes and cries, he rushes back, only to find the woman cuddling and breastfeeding Katie. This woman doesn't have any memory of herself, except for a baby, hers, called Lizzy. But she thinks that Katie is Lizzy and that Jacob is her husband. Since Katie is contentedly feeding at this woman's breast, Jacob sees this as a possible way of saving Katie's life. At least until they can figure out who the woman is and how she comes to be here. So instead of telling her that he doesn't know her, Jacob calls her Angel and she seems quite happy with the situation.

Jacob tells the sheriff, Sam, his lifelong friend, what is going on and enlists his help in maintaining the charade until they can find out about Angel. But then the trouble starts for Sam. Computer glitches and dead phone lines, when he tries to find out about missing women that way. Four flat tires when he tries to meet a detective in another town, who might know Angel's true identity, don't make sense. He sure keeps Sam's guardian angel busy.

Add to all this, fires that are burning main street, almost nightly, and getting ever closer to the Blue Moon Diner. But Katie/Lizzy is growing like a weed, Angel is happy, and Sam, except for worrying that Angel will be leaving him, eventually, is happier than he has been in a long time.

This, the first book that I've read by this author, is absolutely wonderful. All the characters are so well written that you might recognize them on the street. The town of Blue Moon, could be any small town in the US, today. Angel is such a warm person who just needs more than what her previous life could ever give her. Now, with Jacob, Sam, Katie/Lizzy, and their friends and neighbors, she's found the home of her heart. Jacob is a very strong character who walks on eggs for most of the story, afraid of losing the two things that he loves most, his "wife" and baby.

This book has everything, love, laughter, jealousy, anger, hatred, all the emotions known to man. But the best part is that it makes the reader feel all these emotions with the characters and gives readers the warm comfortable feeling that they, too, have come home. Ms. Afton is a truly fantastic writer with a magical talent that I hope she continues to share with us all.

Irene Marshall Copyright May 2003
For PNR Reviews

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted December 7, 2003


When bad girl Geneva McBride died, she assumed she'd go straight to hell, but it turned out the Big Guy had a sense of humor. To earn her angel's wings she had to match her former husband with his ideal mate. Luckily, she had a foolproof plan--well, almost foolproof.

Heaven Sent . . .

Ever since Jonah McBride's wife had left him and then passed away unexpectedly, his daughter had been sick. Plus, his restaurant, the Blue Moon Diner, was failing. His life didn't truly spiral out of control, however, until he discovered a woman sleeping in the ladies' room--a woman who awoke believing they were married.

Clearly the beautiful blonde suffered from amnesia. But when she nursed his child with practiced ease, Jonah figured the truth could wait a few days--just until his baby's health improved. As the white lies added up, though, his house suddenly felt like a true home, his business took off, and the lady responsible made him weak with desire. Now, Jonah planned to prove their love was the real deal.


Blue Moon
by Laura Marie Altom

Love Spell
May 1, 2003
ISBN #0505525380
EAN #9780505525383
368 pages
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