"engaging and laugh-out-loud funny dialogue"

Holly Hicks gets an unexpected career boost when she is given the chance to produce her own television documentary. The catch is that she needs to interview a hero and Holly doesn't believe in them, especially not when she has to go back to her hometown roots to find him.

Secret Service agent Cal Griffin was shot protecting the president and to escape the resulting media storm he returned to Honeycomb, Texas to recuperate. Still trying to overcome the damage from his injuries, the last thing Cal feels like is a hero and he certainly doesn't want to talk to any more reporters - until he meets Holly that is.

MY HERO is a thoroughly entertaining contemporary romance. The dialogue between the reluctant hero and the skeptical heroine is engaging and, at times, laugh-out-loud funny. Cal and Holly were characters you couldn't help but become emotionally involved with and at the end of the book you will find yourself hoping that they both get everything they hope for. If MY HERO is an example of Mary McBride's writing talents I will definitely be checking out her backlist.

Reviewed by Barbara Small
Posted December 7, 2003


Holly Hicks grew up in rural Texas with one desire - to leave her unhappy childhood behind and become a TV producer. She makes her way east via small TV stations to eventually land in New York at the VIP channel. At the age of thirty-one, she is finally given a shot to produce a segment for Hero week. Her hero, Cal Griffin, is a former Secret Service agent who took a bullet for the President the previous year.

The catch: she has to go back to Texas where her "hero" now lives. Cal is working hard to recover from his injuries, but most people doubt he'll ever be good enough to get his job back. Holly fights her attraction for Cal, wanting to stay professional. He tries not to get to close in fear he's not the man he used to be. But could they end up healing each other?


My Hero
by Mary McBride

Warner Books (Forever)
June 1, 2003
ISBN #0446611263
400 pages
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