"Sensational Space Story!"

A decade has passed since her Shielder community shunned Nessa because she was imperfect. Anyone suffering deformities like her bad leg and her seizures, normally were sentenced to death because the people believe any handicap drains their chance for survival. Only her beloved brother had kept her alive as even Nessa's parents rejected her.

Now Nessa has a chance to be accepted by her people. The Shielder enemy, the Controllers, have developed the Orana virus, which is destroying Nessa's people. Nessa has volunteered to be a guinea pig, working for a cure at a lab. However, something goes wrong during her space trip to Sonoma and she is left stranded with the clock ticking towards her death. Shadower Chase McNight rescues Nessa. However, Chase is a bounty hunter employed by the Controllers to destroy the Shielders. Though clearly on opposite sides of a stellar struggle, neither one expected love to blossom even if the emotion has no chance of success.

SHIELDER is more than just a futuristic romance as it has cross genre appeal to speculative fiction readers. The non-stop story line is filled with action and suspense. The lead protagonists are a fantastic duo, struggling with forces beyond their understanding such as love and the fight between the Controllers and the Shielders. The obviously gifted, Catherine Spangler scribes a sensational space story that that will leave fans of SF and futuristic romance seeking out her previous titles even as they await her future novels.

Harriet Klausner /December 2000
Copyright 2000

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted September 24, 2001


Considered an outcast by her people, Nessa dan Ranuls discovers a plot to destroy her race and journeys to the farthest reaches of space to save them, but she encounters sexy bounty hunter Chase McKnight who captures her body and soul.

Winner of the Emily Award.


(Shielder series: Book 1)
by Catherine Spangler

Love Spell
April 1, 1999
Available: November 2, 2006
ISBN #0505523043
EAN #9780505523044
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