"Reaches the Heart! A Good Balance of Love and Conflict"

Her people were dying of a deadly virus and she could help them.  Although she was shunned because of her seizures and considered worthless, Nessa had the skills and was willing to allow herself to bring a sample of the Orana virus through dangerous territory to the far away lab with hopes of finding an antidote.  The method to carry the virus to the lab was to be injected with it.  If the trip to the lab took too long, she would not survive. 

Two days out in space, her ship breaks down and dressed as a Pilgrim, she is begrudgingly rescued by Chase McKnight.  Our hero is allergic to Nessa's pet lanrax and even worse, a bounty hunter and her people, Shielders, were his prey.  Chase's work delays his taking her to a drop off point and time is running out for Nessa.  Since she cannot explain why the need to hurry, she has to avoid contaminating others and spends time learning his ship and computer... and picking up a couple of children in need of help. 

The story unfolds in a consistent manner and it takes awhile for the love to grow between the H/H and trust is slow to come even after the love.  She does not know that Chase was formerly a top research scientist, and he does not know that she is heading toward death because of the plague.  I won't tell you what happens, but it is well worth the reading even before you get to the HEA. 

I felt Ms. Spangler dealt well with the heroine's development of self-worth and the prejudices and plots in this story.   There is a good balance of love and conflict to make this an enjoyable story.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted September 24, 2001


Considered an outcast by her people, Nessa dan Ranuls discovers a plot to destroy her race and journeys to the farthest reaches of space to save them, but she encounters sexy bounty hunter Chase McKnight who captures her body and soul.

Winner of the Emily Award.


(Shielder series: Book 1)
by Catherine Spangler

Love Spell
April 1, 1999
Available: November 2, 2006
ISBN #0505523043
EAN #9780505523044
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