"An original fantasy"

One by one five humans from Earth are taken naked to a deserted beach and it is only as each one regains their wits that they realize they have died and gone to Heaven. However, Heaven is not the place of their dreams but a battle zone where demons are in control and pockets of angel resist trying to stem the tide of defeat. Nowhere in the realm is the Creator and the demon armies are very well organized making slaves out of humans.

The five humans find an underground tunnel that will take them into the woods near Cibola, the citadel of angels, now run by varying demon armies. While in the tunnels they find perisceptors, weapons of light that can kill the demons but only one of the humans can wield that weapon with skill. When the angels see perisceptors they begin to believe that the humans are part of the prophecy that will restore the true order in the Heavens.

The angels resent the humans and blame them for the present situation. This is not a typical good vs. evil work of speculative fiction but a case of wishing for the lesser evil is to triumph and win the war. The five humans all have a specific role to play and are the true stars of THE SHIVERED SKY because they are willing to fight for the light no matter how much they are hated and reviled. The demons will remind readers of the enemy in wartime. Matt Dinniman is one hell of, make that heavenly, fantastic storyteller.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted October 18, 2003


Cibola, city of the angels, grand metropolis of Heaven. But now this once-fine city is overrun with demons, destroying the beautiful structures, worshipping their cruel gods, and indulging in their desire for human slaves. Such is the state of Heaven when five humans arrive on a forgotten Beacon. For Indigo, Dave, Hitomi, Rico, and Gramm, death is more dangerous than life. They mistakenly unearth the periscepters, powerful weapons of legend, sought by angels and demons alike. With such an incredible discovery, the surviving angels, hidden underground, fueled by an ancient prophecy, begin to regain the hope they thought was forever lost. But the demons have their own plans, and another war in Heaven is brewing, a great storm with the strength of a thousand choirs and the undeniable power to shiver the sky.


The Shivered Sky
by Matt Dinniman

June 1, 2003
ISBN #1931095515
452 pages
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