"A mesmerizing supernatural romance"

Dayan, the lead guitarist for the Dark Troubadours, mesmerizes his audience with his passionate playing that has every female who watches him desire him. Still he waits for one woman, his lifemate, to appear though he begins to dread that he will never meet her. Still he desperately needs her to refill his empty soul or cross to the dark side.

At a gig in a bar he recognizes the one, but ironically her human heart cannot see that this Carpathian is her every reason for living live just like she is his. Dayan meets composer Corrine Wentworth, who is a widow with a heart condition and carrying her late husband's child that when combined threatens her existence. She knows nothing has been the same for her since a year ago, when her spouse John was tested for his psychic abilities at The Morrison Center for Psychic Research. Corrine has telekinetic skills. She would want nothing more than to surrender her life and soul to Dayan, but fears for him and her unborn if she does for she knows those who killed John are coming for her.

Though similar in many ways to several of her previous Carpathian-human tales, Christine Feehan provides several character traits to the female lead that add suspense. Thus the brisk story line feels almost like this is the first novel in the long running series as Corrine struggles with health issues, a pregnancy, and the threat to her beloved, herself, and her unborn. DARK MELODY provides the right tune for fans of the author and anyone who enjoys a strong supernatural romance.

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted October 12, 2003


A Carpathian Novel

Dayan, guitar player and singer in the band Dark Troubadours, recognizes his lifemate when telepathic widow Corinne Wentworth walks into the bar where he is singing. She has a heart condition that could end her life at any time, and she is also a target of the people who killed her husband. Dayan cannot turn her into a Carpathian until her daughter is born, but there is a question of whether it will be strong enough to withstand her transformation from human to Carpathian even if she does survive the pregnancy. It is a struggle to keep her alive, with several Carpathians joining Dayan to keep Corinne and her baby alive and safe.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampire, Shapeshifter

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Dark Melody
(Dark: Book 12)
by Christine Feehan

Dorchester (Leisure Books)
October 1, 2003
Available: October 1, 2003
ISBN #0843950498
EAN #9780843950496
384 pages
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