"Another adventure you won't want to miss by Susan Grant!"

The Star Prince is the sequel to The Star King by Susan Grant. Another excellent sci-fi adventure/romance, as we find out what becomes of one of Jasmine Hamilton's children. Not letting up on the same exciting pace we find in The Star King, The Star Prince gives us another dimension in the world of Vash Federation and what it means to be a crown prince.

Ian Hamilton has been named the Crown Prince of the Vash Federation, a title he takes very seriously as he wants to earn the respect of his fellow man and prove he is right for the job. When the book opens we find Ian is on a secret mission for Rom B'kah to find out what is going on in the new Frontier. With the knowledge of Ian becoming the next King come those who would oppose him not only on earth but also within the Vash Federation.

Just to make Ian's life even more interesting he has unknowingly hired a runaway Vash Princess name Tee'ah (Tee), as his new pilot. Stifled by her role as princess where no choices are her own, she managed to secretly get her wings and become a pilot. Her ability to fly gives her the means to escape the planet and begin her new adventure. Little does she know she has stumbled onto the Crown Prince who is under cover as Ian Stone. Both find that they need each other, as Ian has lost his pilot and Tee's starship has just left with out her.

Happy to earn her way amongst the crew Tee eagerly takes control of the ship and entrenches herself in Ian's mission. For an earth dwelling Senator has been touring the Frontier and all too eager to show the Vash to be a reckless Federation that does not take care of their own. Ian does not know who is feeding these ill truths and tries to intercept the Senator.

Through all of the confusion and turmoil to do right by his new role as Crown Prince, Ian finds Tee to be the breath of fresh air that helps to keep him sane. Unfortunately what Ian doesn't realize is that Tee is a princess and with that knowledge only trouble can follow as it is forbidden for him to entertain another mans betrothed.

All the events and the complications of love come to a head where many critical decision must be made if peace is going to be kept not only on earth and with the Vash Federation, but also with his heart. Does Ian have what it takes to be the Crown Prince? Will the Vash finally accept him and his decisions? More importantly will he be able to have it all and Tee?

Susan Grant writes a book with incredible dynamics, both political and emotional. On top of writing an excellent adventure romance, she manages to bring in secondary characters that fall in love, without upstaging the main plot. This book is cleverly written, wonderfully insightful, and compellingly romantic. I highly recommend The Star Prince.

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted October 5, 2003


Ian Hamilton considered himself a typical guy, a finance major who found all the excitement he needed in the stock market and his vintage Harley. Then his stepfather offered him the crown to an empire and the reins of a mission critical to world peace. What could he do but go for the ride?

In a daring bid for freedon, Princess Tee'ah fled the world she knew for the freedom to fly. No more princes, no more rules. Both the man she wed and the life she led would be of her own choosing. But when a handsome stranger offered her a job piloting the Sun Devil, she choose the romp of a lifetime -- with the one man she should have avoided at all costs.

From ocean-dark skies to the neon-drenched streets of L.A., Tee'ah and Ian find that true adventure is learning some rules are made to be broken...and some loves are written in the stars.

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The Star Prince
(Star: Book 2)
by Susan Grant

Love Spell
November 1, 2001
Available: November 1, 2001
ISBN #0505524570
EAN #9780505524577
400 pages
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