"Move over Xena because here comes Feenix in a very exciting romance!"

Part two in an amazing trilogy, The Choosing does not disappoint. Ms. Welsh takes two very dominate alpha-like characters and manages to weave an incredible love story with high adventure. Because as most of us know, behind a tough exterior is a soul waiting to be loved and Feenix a human of Port Marcus, captain of the Sea Elf guards and L'Garn Prince, of the Night elves, are truly no different.

This book opens with us learning of Feenix's monthly transformation as she rises out of the waves returning to her human form from the dolphin she once was. She walks to shore with the confidence of a soldier and the temperament of a bear as she curses the god Mac Lir for this uncontrollable transformation.

Spying on her from above Prince L'Garn is half Night elf and half human. He finds himself transfixed by the vision walking the beach with only her knee length hair to cover her. In that moment he seizes the opportunity to take her as his slave and possibly learn more about his loathed human side. For in this knowledge he might gain a better way to suppress it in the future and possibly gain more respect from the King, his grandfather.

Casting a net L'Garn captures and casts a spell to put Feenix under his control while he takes her back to the mountain they live in. Insults fly and egos go to war as each tries to make the other submit.

Extremely angry about her capture, Feenix is eager to seize any opportunity to escape and return to the Sea Elves, until Rendolin, high priest of Shalridoor uses a communication spell to reach her. Rendolin sees this as an unexpected opportunity to gain the advantage over the Night Elves and asks his captain of the guards to spy and report back their weaknesses.

However the god Mac Lir, who hopes to save his Silvan people from the evil god Tuawatha and guide them to peace, has other plans. Feenix is key to this part if only he can get her to drop her pride long enough to submit to him; to give her soul over willingly and do his bidding. For he will not force his children, each must make their choice freely. But frankly Feenix's sharp tongue means Mac Lir has his work cut out for him.

Again Ms. Welsh weaves an astounding tale in a magical world where the dark and light clash in hopes to find the greater good for their people. I find this story completely fascinating and intriguing. Her evil characters make your skin crawl, the good guys will surprise you with their honor and insight, and frankly the dynamics of this book will leave you excited for the final story (The Betraying) yet to come in the Silvan war saga. (The first book is The Binding, the second is The Choosing.)

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted October 5, 2003


The Choosing
(The Sylvan Wars Saga, Book 2)
by PhyllisAnn Welsh

Novel Books, Inc.
February 1, 2002
ISBN #1931696772
309 pages
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