"Another fantastic world with incredible romance!"

Phyllis Ann Welsh has written an amazing romance with soul reaching proportions. Quite frankly I could almost believe this really happened. She covers her plot well. Her characters are tangible and the experiences seem almost plausible. She knows how to find the soul of romance by reaching for the heart in the hands of a gorgeous Elf Lord Rendolin.

The Silvan race is once again at risk of reaching extinction. Their god Mac Lir has spoken to his high priest of the Sea Elves, Rendolin. They need new blood in order to prevent their own extinction and to offer them a stronger race. This means Rendolin, must cross over to the earthen realm and find the one human who holds a small trace of Silvan in her blood in order to bind with her: as the race on earth became extinct long ago.

Enter Korrene, a struggling author who decides to take a year off and write her best novel yet. Her husband passed on roughly 4 years ago and now she is ready to plunge into her writing and make her own way. The book she is writing seems to pour out from her, almost as if the characters were speaking directly through her. So when a tall, blond, Elven man bearing a remarkable resemblance to her main character appears too clearly in front of her, Korrene thinks she has gone over the edge with this novel. Trying not to frighten Korrene half to death, Rendolin tries to reason with her. But Korrene refuses to accept his presence. In a last ditch effort to preserve what she believes to be the final vestiges of her sanity she attempts to destroy her manuscript. Rendolin see this as genocide and takes drastic action. He pulls Korrene into the world she thinks she created.

Not only is Korrene not wild about being there, neither are the local elves very thrilled about a human amongst their ranks. She slowly finds out the purpose of bringing her there was to ensure their race through a binding of Korrene and Rendolin. From here the dynamics fly and the adventures of Korrene and Rendolin flourish. For as much as Rendolin wishes to serve his god there are many elves that wish to thwart his efforts as their prejudices blind them to the bigger picture.

I found myself thoroughly enjoying the world Ms. Welsh describes. Every nuance was so creative and I found myself just as enthralled by her varying experiences as the character Korrene was. Yes the emotions do run the gamut on this book. There were moments I laughed from the absurdity of the situation, to feelings of such bittersweet tenderness and love, to blissful amazement of a soul touching experience and yes to utter frustration at how relationships can be so hard when the ugly green monster of jealousy turns its head.

I must admit I thought the book ended abruptly, probably because I didn't want it to end, and I knew there is so much more to come for this amazing world. Thank god for I discovered this is a series and there are more wonderful stories to be heard in this amazing place. I so highly recommend this book. I found it to be so enriching, heartwarming, adventurous, and romantic. High praises to you Ms. Welsh!

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted October 5, 2003


Is widowed fantasy writer, Korrene Greenwood, going insane? She thinks she is when the man of her dreams, the sexy hero of her current novel, appears in her kitchen one morning and starts talking to her. The fact that he is also a five- foot, eleven-inch, green-eyed, blond-haired, magic wielding elven package of sensual masculinity contributes to her conviction that a visit to a therapist is in order.

Bent on saving her sanity, she attempts to destroy the manuscript and all traces of her book. But her hero, Rendolin, is shocked at her genocidal tendencies. To prevent her killing his people, he carries her off to his world - the world Kory believes she created.

Kory must learn to accept the fate that brought her into Rendolin's magical embrace before she can understand that love itself is the greatest adventure of all.


The Binding
(Sylvan Wars Saga, Book)
by PhyllisAnn Welsh

Novel Books, Inc.
June 1, 2001
ISBN #1931696861
EAN #9781931696869
272 pages
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