"A star is born"

In 1779 earth time, American Navy Commander John Paul Jones engages the British in a sea battle when a "demon" tosses him into the water. Near death, an angel saves his life. His rescuer Crusader Lea Netera Payton argues with the dark lord Seltar that earth is off limits as a non technical world. Seltar says on the contrary the planet is not part of the Intergalactic Alliance and thus not subject to her protection. He challenges her to face him in a Guardianship vs. Possession duel. She has no alternative but to accept if she wants to save the indigenous population. She selects four major events that must improve the people's well being or she and the planet will suffer.

The first test is Versailles where Seltar holds the frightened aristocracy in the royal opera house. Lea arrives to engage in battle though she already has set in motion her counterattack. She realizes that the soon to beheaded roi lacks leadership skills. The contest has begun and before it is over, the duel will cross the globe and millenniums past, present, and future. The stakes are the lives of all earthlings and the freedom of their self- appointed guardian Lea.

Though the tale runs at a frenzied pace reminiscent of the movie Time Bandits, Denise Fletcher insures that her key two antagonists are fully developed. The audience will find the action incredibly fast paced as the combatants travel back and forth through the past and the future. Fans who appreciate a strong mix of science fiction, fantasy, historical, and a touch of romance, blended cleverly together, will want to put on their seatbelts and come along for a rousing ride through earth time. Ms. Fletcher is a rising star in the speculative fiction genre.

Reviewed by Harriet Klausner
for PNR and TBR
Posted September 6, 2003

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted September 6, 2003


A decision to assist a neutral battleship in the Elezian Universe leads to Crusader Lea Netera Payton being forcefully portated out of a ship and into Earth's Atlantic Ocean. A captain's struggle to survive draws her to him and steers her right into history.

When the Dark Lord of Intarius announces a Challenge for Planetary Guardianship, Lea must accept or the planet will fall into the hands of evil. So begins her mission to intervene in four Earthian conflicts. Follow her from the American Revolution to the future in a two-year, don't- look-back adventure complete with Holians, demons and a lion companion.


The Guardian
by Denise Fleischer

Port Town Publishing
August 1, 2003
Available: December 4, 2006
ISBN #0974083380
EAN #9780974083384
369 pages
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