"strong outer space romantic thriller"

Going through her father's possessions following his death, Tru Van Dye finds an odd artifact. She researches the out of place item and concludes that she may have found the key to a treasure of ancient relics. More important to her, though she has always lived in a contained community, she feels strongly that she must complete her dad's work. This is her opportunity plus Tru has to secure her own Charter soon or she'll be asked to leave the scientific colony of Majj. A realistic, she knows she needs to hire someone who does this sort of thing for a living.

Rayce Coburne is no longer interested in treasure hunting. He is now devoting his time towards spaceport renovation but worries over a lack of capital to open on time. When Tru offers him a treasure-hunting expedition, Rayce reluctantly accepts though he prefers to reject this cold Majj scientist. Even worse, he is attracted to one of those icebergs so he decides on a ploy to get Tru to detest him. He will kiss her once everyday, but instead of sending her packing in warp speed he starts a supernova that lights up both their hearts.

Book two in C. J. Barry's outer space thriller is a delightful placing of Romancing the Stone but on a strange world (not that the Amazon Rain Forest is different than Atlanta). The story line is loaded with action and plenty of sizzling romance as the protagonists deny their feelings for one another. The key to this fine tale is that this non-earth orb seems like a genuine place obviously visited by chronicler C.J. Barry, a writer who is destined to be a superstar.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted September 24, 2003


Adventurer Rayce Coburne is a financially desperate man with a taste for vengeance. Scientist Tru Van Dye is a brilliant, single-minded woman with a priceless treasure to find. He's her guide and worst nightmare. She's his client and bitter enemy. Will they survive being...UNRAVELED?

To continue her father's life's quest, Tru Van Dye had to leave the insular colony of Majj scientists where she was raised. She had to find Rayce Coburne. Yet the virtual- reality program she acquired to gird herself against the man's touch, his innuendoes, his alien maleness was for naught--his presence overwhelmed her. With Rayce, all Tru's clever plans, her control, everything she knew was coming...


...that's how Rayce Coburne felt. He'd tried to give up treasure acquisition. It wasn't the danger that put him off; he despised dealing with icy customers like the Majj. And Tru Van Dye was worse than the usual-a prissy woman who would blackmail him with all his hopes and dreams. Still, while she was smarter than he, there was a way he could fight back: a kiss. A kiss a day was the perfect strategy. Unless the spinning he felt inside was Tru unwrapping his heart.


(Unforgettable: Book 2)
by C. J. Barry

Love Spell
October 1, 2003
Available: November 6, 2006
ISBN #0505525623
EAN #9780505525628
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