"A clever mix of the immortal, romance and time travel."

My Secret Protector by Pam Binder is a classic mix of modern day immortals reaching back through time to keep the world on track, as we know it. And this is exactly the job William MacAlpin was enlisted to do. Little does he realize that such a serious mission with high consequences would do more than stir up his need to protect time, but also awaken a feeling he thought he may never experience...true love.

William MacAlpin is a man who likes to live life on his terms and really wants nothing to do with the politics of his immortal life. Unfortunately, the council that governs them has spoken and he will have no choice but to participate. William is told that the Renegades, a faction bent on altering time and taking control of the council, has sent one of their own, Bartholomew, to the past to alter history and destroy the MacAlpin family line.

But there is a catch, you see, William as an immortal is a Protector by birthright. Which mean he regenerates faster than most from deadly blows to the body, outside of having his head chopped of as that is the only thing that can kill an immortal, and is driven to complete his mission at all costs. For if he does not, his life could be forfeit by the same council that sent him back in time.

The year is 1558, London England and Queen Mary is in power. Isabelle de Pinze, a young beautiful woman and a servant of the queen, is working late at her art studio. Isabelle is unique for her time as she is encouraged by her adoptive parents, Myra and Angus, to be her own person and follow her creativity.

The story opens fairly quickly as Isabelle stumbles on an ambush for William as he comes through time. They are hoping to cut him off at the pass so he cannot succeed in catching the Renegade.

The connection between Isabelle and William is fairly quick as the first touch sets of a whirlwind of emotions and sparks for both of them. There lives become fairly intertwined as the events of this mission unfold.

Pam Binder is a wonderful writer and has an incredible way with words and metaphors. She is so fantastic at her descriptions that I found myself going back and rereading them because they were so beautiful or tangible.

My Secret Protector is a classic tale of paranormal romance and good over evil. The conflicts are intense, the villains are despicable, and the romance is sweet. I recommend My Secret Protector, as it is a fun read and also the sequel to The Inscription; which was one of my first Paranormal Romances I read and one of the reason I am so in love with this genre.

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted August 7, 2003


In present-day Montana, William MacAlpin courageously fights fires as a smoke jumper in the rugged backcountry, but this reckless endeavor masks an even more dangerous calling. For William is from a dying breed of immortals sworn to protect the earth. When he learns that a ruthless killer has escaped into sixteenth-century England, determined to change history, William vows to bring the renegade immortal back -- dead or alive.

Isabel de Pinze, a gifted painter and servant in Queen Mary's court, knows nothing of the existence of the Immortals or of the battle that rages between good and evil. She knows only that the man she sees being ambushed along the Thames River needs her help, and that his stolen kiss stirs her deepest longings. Soon, however, William discovers that his quest is linked to Isabel's own amazing destiny...for he has fallen in love with the one woman who can destroy them all.


My Secret Protector
by Pam Binder

Pocket Books
June 1, 2003
ISBN #074341795X
384 pages
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