"Exciting romantic thriller"

In 1937 partners and friends Michael Shaunnessey and Emelio Castivenette search the Andes for an alleged emerald lode. Both have needs for the money that a find will bring in. Michael wants enough cash to keep his wife happy, not understanding that he will never have enough for Daisy. Emelio hopes he brings in enough loot to buy the services of the best doctors to treat his ailing wife, not understanding that all the money in the world cannot always buy good health.

In 1948 their chidlren meet, make love in the jungle though the girl is junior high age, and Michael's daughter becomes pregnant. Without saying a word to his partner, Michael takes all the money from their joint business account in Bogota leaving Emelio with nothing except being a broken man. His son Girardo vows vengeance.

Years later Michael has died while Leigh pursues a political career in Washington. Girardo works his way up the ladder of a drug cartel, but revenge remains on his mind for what Michael did to his father. His target is Leigh and everyone she cherishes.

This action packed thriller takes place over several decades, but that time span adds to the depth and tension, as readers comprehend how deep avenging his father fosters inside Girardo's darkened heart. That is the key to the tale as Girardo knows his father always dreamed that his son would be the American President (so he is not a Constitutional lawyer), but instead died broken. The rest of the critical cast members, especially Leigh appear genuine, SECOND GENERATION is a strong novel worth reading because the villain makes it so.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted July 13, 2003


Second Generation
by Beth Anderson

Amber Quill Press
February 1, 2003
ISBN #159279968X
278 pages
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