"A truly magical journey of discovery"

Much to the chagrin of his mentor, Prince Egann of Rune has rejected his destiny to become the faerie king. Egann blames himself for the death of his beloved younger brother at the hands of a mortal. He no longer trusts himself to be responsible for the fate of others. Yet he accepts the amulet which can only be worn by the true king. He promises to keep it safe until his people can find a worthy ruler.

Egann then ventures forth into the mortal realm where he can journey anonymously. But he is tortured by erotic dreams of a beautiful desirable woman. She is the dark to his light. He awakens to find the precious amulet has been stolen. He knows that to find it, he must find the woman of his dreams.

Deidre too has had dreams of a golden warrior, so is not surprised when he appears before her. She is surprised to learn that he believes her a thief. Deidre is a Shadow Dancer, one of those of a race cursed to live only in darkness and to dance at each full moon to petition the gods for the benefit of her people. Before she has a chance to convince Egann of her innocence her village is attacked by the Maccus, renegades with Fae blood whose only directive is to destroy the Shadow Dancers.

The village is lost but Egann manages to save Deidre from certain death. Together the pair journey in search of the amulet while staying one step ahead of the killers. Soon they will come to the frightening understanding that those who seek to destroy Deidre's kind and those who wish to claim Egann's realm are one and the same, and each must accept their destiny to defeat this formidable enemy.

This tale is a truly a journey of discovery. The passion between these two is awe inspiring. Deidre's faith and love will give Egann the courage to absolve himself, and he will go to the ends of the earth to protect her and free her of her curse. Magical!

Copyright © 2003

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted July 1, 2003


When the golden stranger appears before her, Deirdre is not afraid. She has spent many nights dreaming of this man on his white charger, this errant Faerie prince. He is everything she is not: light where she is dark. He burns like the fiery sun she is forbidden to see, that she longs to feel on her skin. Will his touch be like flame, searing her instantly into dusty ash—or sensual like sunrays warming the morning air? Yet Deirdre knows true joy does not come just from emerging from the darkness to feel the sun. There is more. Like love and passion, light and darkness are two halves of a whole. In their joining is the magic she seeks.


Shadow Magic
(Rune: Book 2)
by Karen Whiddon

Love Spell
March 1, 2003
Available: March 1, 2003
ISBN #0505524910
EAN #9780505524911
368 pages
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