"A riveting debut to fantasy series"

Xlana's life was about to change forever. Her dragon has returned. He had grown since she'd last seen him, a young and wounded dragon. She had tended to him, and when he'd regained his strength, he'd left her. Now he was no longer a youth, and though it was more than strange, Xlana felt a strange tugging at her heart. Could she, a human woman, be in love with a dragon?

Rynak, Heaven's Dragon who has the ability to assume human form, had been certain from the first that Xlana was his soul mate. When he gives his youth horn to her as a gift of his affection, his belief is affirmed. She will need his protection now, for he knows where their destiny lies. The world is on the brink of war, for the Demon of Fire is prepared to challenge the Gods for possession of their world. Xlana is stunned to learn that she is in fact one of the Chosen Ones, an immortal, and that the man whom she'd regarded as her father had in actuality been appointed by her parents to protect her until the time came for her to meet the challenge.

They would not face the dark force alone for the prophecy had declared that six must stand as one, or all would be lost. Three dragons and their immortal mates would stand between the demon and total destruction. Xlana calls them with an instrument fashioned from Rynak's horn.

Her music calls to the woodsman, Pretog, and his mate the Earth Dragon, Dykstra. These two have yet to come to terms with their destiny to mate. More complications arise when they find Faustio, the Sea Dragon. Faustio's horn and his mate Shu'Lan, the last of the six, have fallen into the hands of the Demon. He brings with him two daughters, each whose fate will lie in the hands of the Demon as well.

The Demon has made him self strong with the stolen horns of many slain dragons and now the time has come to wage his attack. He is clever, for although the warriors are strong of heart, it is at that very heart that the Demon will strike, testing their resolve to stand united in the face of his dire illusions. Who will prevail.

THE DRAGON'S HORN is a riveting fantasy from start to finish, but is the tale finished? The demo is vanquished for the time being, but who knows what havoc he will wreak next? I can't wait to see what the next adventure will bring.

Copyright 2003

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted July 1, 2003


In a world on the brink of war, to shelter a dragon is to court disaster. The Demon of Fire has vowed to destroy the noble creatures and use their magical horns in his bid to overthrow the Gods. But when the Immortal maiden Xlana finds a wounded dragon in the forest near her home, something about him tugs at her heart. Despite the danger, she uses her skills to heal him, only to learn he is far more than he seems. He is Rynak, Heaven's Dragon and an Immortal, able to assume human form. And he has been chosen by the Gods to lead the fight against the Demon.

When Rynak regains his strength, he gives his horn to Xlana as a pledge of his love. Overjoyed, she realizes they are soul mates, her destiny joined with his. Together, she and Rynak call the last two living dragons and their Immortal mates from hiding. The six form an alliance to combat the Demon's armies, but they suffer a shattering setback. The Demon seizes hostages, each dear to one of the three couples. Now they must decide whether to capitulate or condemn their loved ones to a lingering death. And if even one of them weakens, all may face utter ruin.

For the Six must stand as One-or lose the world.


The Dragon's Horn
(There be Dragon, Book 1)
by Glynnis Kincaid

Novel Books, Inc.
December 1, 2001
ISBN #1931696853
EAN #9781931696852
294 pages
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