"A Hilarous and Sexy Read!"

NYC hairdresser Kathy Bartlett has a low opinion of men and cars. They look great, but overheat at the worst times. Her ex husband was a prime example. A self-proclaimed sex expert, his technique left Kathy cold, and that was before he decided to warm up her best friend! The result, a speedy divorce, but now the creep is sueing HER for mental anguish. She calls her marriage to Peter Michael Stone a major 'PMS' moment in her life.

The car has failed her as well. Christmas Eve finds Kathy stranded on the highway with a sack of oddball toys she'd picked up for a shelter. Waiting for the tow truck to arrive she examines one of the toys. It's hourglass shape and bank of amber lights give no indication of it's function. Another Peter.

Spying the tow truck, Kathy grabs her cell phone, hair supplies, and bag of toys, and climbs out into the frigid December night. The chill convinces her she needs a vacation. She makes a wish for warmth, and peace, in a place with every modern convenience, and a man who would indulge her every whim.

Suddenly 'Peter' kicks into action. With lights and colors flashing, a voice very like Arnold Schwarzenegger's quips, 'Hasta la Vista, baby!' The next thing Kathy knows she's been cast back to sixteenth century Scotland to face two bare male behinds. It's still cold, and conveniences appear unlikely. The two men are arguing with a third. Kathy fears the two plan to beat him. Before she realizes she's interrupted a mere wager, she's sprayed their 'love guns' with mousse, and made suggestions that have the two brawny giants heading for the hills. The third man, Ian Ross remains behind. He is beautiful and his voice is sex personified. Just what Kathy didn't need. He believes she has come to him seeking his skills as the clan's Pleasure Master.

Ian knows everything about giving pleasure but nothing about love. The skill had been passed down through the first born sons, from the time his great-grandfather had returned from an eastern harem to share the knowledge of what he had learned there. The Pleasure Master can not marry, nor have any emotional attachments. His students require confidentiality. He cannot even form friendships lest he arouse suspicion. Even so, he has enemies who would like to put an end to his task. Ian has made his home in a cave far removed from the village so that his pupils can maintain their anonymity. He believes that he cares for, and is cared for by no one, not even the two brothers who shared his mother's womb.

The brothers have challenged Ian's right to the duty. The test will require him to seduce a woman of their choosing, a woman resistant to his charms. Kathy is chosen when it becomes abundantly clear that she has no wish to involve herself with another man who spreads his talents around. Supremely confident in his abilities, he makes a the brothers a counter wager. The contest is on.

Ian and Kathy's struggle is symbolized in an incredible brass bed which Ian has inherited from his great- grandfather, the first pleasure master. A bed Ian never uses. On it are depicted passionate scenes, from those days in the harem, which would rival the Kama Sutra. Ian believes them be instructional. Kathy believes them to be the chronicle of a great love. He tells her he would only sleep there with a woman he loved, a certain impossibility. But there is space for one more picture, and Kathy is suddenly seeing possibilities.

Ian is so focused on lowering Kathy's barriers that he never notices that his heart has become involved. He finds himself thinking about only her and shirking his duties. Kathy finds it increasingly hard to resist this sought after man, who is truly so very alone. With hearts on the line and enemies closing in, both realize that it's time for Kathy to go home. If he loses Kathy, Ian will also lose the bet, or will he?

The incredible sexual tension is offset by humor. Kathy's cell phone continues to work in spite of the time shift and her toys cause all kinds of trouble, especially 'Peter' who appears to be doing it on purpose! The secondary romances of the two brothers add to the fun. The Pleasure Master is an amusing and sexy read.

Copyright 2001

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted June 27, 2001


2002 PRISM AWARD Finalist:

Suddenly transported to sixteenth-century Scotland, Kathy vows to keep cool by avoiding a notorious rake, but finds things heating up faster than she can control.

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The Pleasure Master
by Nina Bangs

Leisure Books
June 1, 2001
ISBN #0505524457
EAN #9780505524454
368 pages
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