"A sweeping romance but not a book for the squeamish"

Bastard son of the town's butcher and a browbeaten and mistreated housewife, Sean Cullen is different from other children and always has been. He can read minds, doesn't suffer the same childhood maladies as his peers, and is far superior -- physically and intellectually -- to many of them and even some of the adults in his realm. Unfortunately, not his physical strength or his intelligence can save him from the wrath of an ignorant abusive father and a catholic school system bent on punishing him for being different, and his inability to back down from a fight (especially when it comes to protecting his beloved Bronwyn McGregor). Nor can his differences save him from the fate that will befall him once age-old secrets are unearthed, he is faced with the truth of his heritage and legendary creatures from a human being's worst imaginings are resurrected and unleashed.

The daughter of an affluent and well-connected psychiatrist father and a college educated mother, Bronwyn McGregor is as strong and determined as Sean is different, and is as in love with Sean as he is in love with her. She refuses to allow anyone to come between her and Sean -- not her beleaguered parents, peers, nor most of the small- minded residents of Albany, Georgia where they all live. What neither Sean nor Bronwyn count on is the resourcefulness of two over-protective parents willing to go to any lengths to shield their daughter from a perceived threat, and in this case, the threat is one Sean Cullen, a young man from the wrong side of the tracks. It doesn't matter a lick to Bronnie's parents that Sean would never allow anyone or anything to harm their precious daughter. Sean Cullen is no more than white trash to them, low-class scum of the earth and will never be good enough for Bronnie, regardless of his track record for defending her.

Humans and creatures from ancient and powerful races alike want to see Sean and Bronwyn apart, and each will do anything they can to this end, and suit their own evil needs, good intentions and ingrained obsessions. The humans succeed, but only temporarily, for true eternal love knows no bounds, nor flesh -- only recognizes the essence of soul mates. And Sean and Bronwyn are soul mates, bonded for life the night that they make love in the back of a car at a popular lover's haunt.

It is a night of firsts, and the beginning of tragedy and hell on earth for the young lovers. After his and Bronwyn's tryst, Sean is taken into police custody and discovers from a commiserating police detective that his mother has murdered his father and cut him up into little pieces. On the heels of his mother's sentencing to an institution, Sean is visited by Brian O'Shea, a strange yet oddly familiar man who will reveal more to Sean than he ever wanted to know about his background, and make an offer to the lad that he can't refuse, as much as Sean would like to.

After serving a month in jail for fighting in the courtroom during his mother's trial, Sean is released to the news that Bronwyn has been whisked off to Ireland against her will and sequestered in a catholic school for wayward girls. He will learn much too late that he and Bronwyn conceived a child the one and only time they were together.

Steeped in rich Celtic folklore, history, and alien rituals, "BlackWind" is a poignant well-written story peopled with engaging and strong hero and heroine, and a multitude of powerful mythological creatures from one of the most fertile imaginations this reader has come across. Ms. Boyett-Compo handles the delineation of hero, heroine, villains, and those in-between with explicit care, and wields a deft hand with characterization, dialogue and research. I especially enjoyed the tender relationship, though short-lived "on-screen", between Sean and his mother, and the young man's capacity to elicit awe, sympathy and support from a wide cross-section of society. On the opposite spectrum, but no less luscious, Viraidan Cree elicited hatred as well as devotion, which made for an emotional tale of revenge as well as eternal love.

There are lots of surprising twists and turns keep the reader flipping pages (or in this case scrolling) all the way to an intense and even LOL finale that left this reader finally exhaling with satisfaction.

This is not a book for the squeamish reader with delicate sensibilities unwilling to sink their teeth into a detail- laced narrative, but beyond the graphic death and mayhem, and at its heart, "BlackWind" is what sweeping romance is all about: the love of a boy and girl against seemingly insurmountable odds. A very enjoyable read I highly recommend!

Gracie C. McKeever, author

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted June 24, 2003


Sean and Bronwyn have loved one another since grammar school. Believing Sean isn't good enough for their child, Bronwyn's parents will do everything in their power to keep them apart, including spiriting Bronwyn off to a secluded convent in Ireland.

But Sean isn't entirely human. Born of an Earthly mother and implanted with an alien parasite that makes it possible for him to shape-shift into a wolf-like creature, the young man is far more than Bronwyn's parents counted on. Determined to be reunited with the woman he loves, Sean will do what is necessary to have her in his arms once again.

From the mists of time and space, another creature lies in wait, eager to steal Bronwyn from Sean. Danyon Hart is a NightWind, an immortal created to aid women in their times of despair. He has heard Bronwyn's lonely cries and has come from the far reaches of the megaverse to claim her. Fighting to get back to one another, the lovers must strive against a brutal evil that is dogging their every footstep.


Note: This book was originally published elsewhere under the same title.

Genre: Romance - Paranormal
Book Length: Plus Novel

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Sean and Bronwyn
(BlackWind: Book 1)
by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Cerridwen Press
November 1, 2005
Available: November 24, 2005
ISBN #1419903241
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