"A Perfect Paranormal Historical!"

NIGHT FIRE is an excellent vampire tale woven through the historic period of the French Revolution. It delivers a fabulous story of intrigue, passion, tragedy, and rebirth all in the guise of a female vampire seeking penance for her dark ways and avenging the loss of her family.

The book opens up, it is night time and mist covers the way to the gate of Simone de la Fer's family home where she discovers her old nursemaid who tells her that the family that once rejected her is now slaughtered in the name of the Revolution. Anger consumes her and she exacts her revenge upon the men that remain behind as the creature she has become... a vampire.

Simone de la Fer, a vampire, not of her own choosing, but as such finds she has great strength, speed, and night vision. Her heart still yearns to be free of this curse as she can shed no tears nor expose herself to the blessed light of day. Determined to save her soul and others she risks walking into a church and bearing her sins to Pere Dumont. It is he that gives her the idea to go out and try to save those innocents, which evil men wish to kill. And if she is lucky, in the process find the one responsible for issuing the order for her aristocratic family's death.

Meanwhile, back in England Michael Corday, renowned and lethal spy is being given orders to go to France and determine who is killing their agents. No sooner does he arrive on shore under cover of night than he witnesses people being smuggled out of the country by a small dark covered figure of remarkable strength and speed. Curious he helps out the unknown person when they come under attack by officers of the Republic. Corday figures he might benefit from one so cunning and possibly of fair knowledge of Paris, his final destination.

An unusual partnership is formed on a very fine line of trust, as each has become masters of deceiving people on their own terms. It is through their relationship where Simone and Corday learn of the pros and cons their arrogance can bring when used to complete their mission. For it has been in this state of feeling indestructible that both have lead very lonely lives.

Slowly the walls are torn down between Simone and Corday. He discovers her true identity under the dark charade as La Flemme; as does she start to find who the real Michael Corday is. And in their discovery of each other a glimmer of hope takes seed. But will it be enough to survive the Revolution and their mission? Or will it only make them too vulnerable and ultimately lead to their own death?

The enemy is not so blind or far behind, as Karen Harbaugh cleverly creates two men who are officers of the Committee of Public Safety. Du Maurier is a proud man of the Republic determined to see France succeed and his cohort Herve' who is quiet but in a suspicious sort of way. Whereas du Maurier is an open book about his enthusiasm to catch the agent and La Flemme, the person behind all the escaping prisoners, Herve's silence and steady observations make you wonder if you shouldn't be watching him more closely. I found these secondary characters really facilitated the intrigue of this book.

I truly enjoyed reading about a female vampire with such great character and strength in such a difficult era; that her equal would be a man who dealt in death and held many secrets as a spy for England. The fact that she stood up to him and visa versa... that neither shriveled away in self- pity when the other was right... was refreshing. These two were definitely compatible characters.

And of course, what paranormal romance review would be complete without mentioning the very sensual and very exciting loves scenes that Karen Harbaugh put together. You will not be left unsatisfied. As a matter of fact I found they left me quite breathless. : )

This is an excellent historical vampire novel. I believe that people who love the paranormal genre will definitely enjoy Karen Harbaugh's Night Fires! And those of you that tend to lean toward historical romances might want to give this a try, too, as she has mastered a perfect blend of the history, romance, intrigue and of course, the paranormal.

Mindy Lobaugh

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted June 24, 2003


Eternal love was never so seductive - or deadly...

Enter a midnight world of dark seduction and unquenchable desire, of sinful pleasure and breathtaking intrigue—where amid the flames of war and the immortal thirst of two irresistible lovers, an alliance is born that would burn forever....


Beautiful and damned, Simone de la Fer roamed the French nights as a vampire. A reluctant immortal, she thought she’d never again taste the bittersweet pleasures of mortal love—until she met an enigmatic human spy she found impossible to resist. Haunted by his own violent past, Michael Corday arrived from England on a secret mission. On a starlit highway he found his life changed forever by a creature of the night unlike any he’d ever encountered. Unable to deny their destiny, they traveled together through the Parisian underworld on a dangerously erotic journey to right a terrible wrong—even as they were stalked by a merciless hunter intent on destroying them. For theirs was a passion so taboo, it had been forbidden by human and vampire alike; so sinful, it could only be paradise. And they would risk eternal damnation to taste it just once again...

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Night Fires
by Karen Harbaugh

November 1, 2003
Available: December 2, 2003
ISBN #0553584189
EAN #9780553584189
384 pages
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