"An exciting, action-packed science fiction romance"

At Bok's slaver stall, Daamen trader Captain Darvk stops to see the merchandise that excites the crowd. Against enslaving people, he sees the death mask of an outlawed race as the sixteen-year-old female is a Reeka Warrior, notorious for killing males and for selling their mercenary skills to the highest bidder. Perhaps it was the passion and power of her eyes, but Darvk outbids the brothel owners to purchase the teen.

Tenia trusts nothing male even if they act kind like the captain because she knows they have ulterior motives. Darvk takes her on to his vessel, but Tenia plans to escape to learn why mendacious tales about her people have spread across the galaxy. As Darvk falls in love with his charge and she begins to slowly reciprocate, he believes her insistence that her race is not feral serial killers. He also wonders why the Inka Empire wants his beloved. Darvk plans to learn the truth and earn the trust of Tenia even if he must die to do so.

HEART OF AN OUTLAW is an exciting, action-packed science fiction romance that is loaded with surprises as the audience and the hero slowly realize what is going on and how deep the conspiracy permeates the impact on solar society has occurred. The lead couple is a delight and a follow-up tale starring his friend and her sister is a must. However, the key to this superb novel is how real the races and worlds seem that enables the audience to believe that a negative campaign via abuse of power caused by love-hate really happened somewhere out there with Angela Verdenius as an observing scribe.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted June 24, 2003


Wanted dead or alive, the notorious Reeka Warrior Women were hunted almost to extinction. When an act of compassion resulted in a wounded Reeka leader being in his possession, the Daamen trading captain, Darvk, soon comes to realize that the blood-drenched legends are questionable.

What is the unnatural interest the Inka Empire leader, Shari, has in the Reekas, especially Tenia and her sister? And why is the space-pirate, Sinya, out to capture them? Plunging into a dangerous vortex of treachery, hate and passion, pursued by soldiers, bounty hunters and space- pirates, they race through the Outlaw and Lawful Sectors in search of answers. Love blossoms between Darvk and Tenia, but she can never be free to love--until the shocking truth is finally revealed.


Heart of an Outlaw
(Heart and Soul Series: Book 1)
by Angela Verdenius

Wings e-Press
February 1, 2003
Available: November 3, 2006
ISBN #1590888553
EAN #9781590888551
354 pages
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