"A powerful futuristic tale"

In 2503 at an old world pub in the Las Vegas Coastal Airfield, smuggler Angel Torrence goes from elation to shock rather quickly. Felinean Avengers, seeking retaliation for what she did to the crime boss' son, blow up her ship the Falcon. Desperate to escape, she steals the idle Icarus. On board the vessel is scientist healer Yanur Snellen who is on two quests. He must find a way to stop the alien menace the Harvesters and must rescue the body of his friend Colonel Nicole Ramanoff, whose essence he has loaded into the ship's computer.

From the computer, Nicole orders Angel to do his bidding or else. As they argue voice to body over supremacy in this odd relationship both begin to fall in love and soon she makes his cause hers. However, both know the future is bleak between a machine harboring the brain and soul of a man and a full blooded woman with needs and desires making it even more imperative to rescue his body from the Avengers. Then there is the matter of saving humanity before the Harvesters reap through mankind.

This science fiction romance is a powerful futuristic tale that sub-genre fans and those who appreciate a delightful speculative fiction story will enjoy. The story line is loaded with action that enables the audience to believe five centuries plus from now is already here. However, the key is the cast as Popp makes the growing love between a disembodied male and a hyperactive female so genuine. TOO CLOSE TO THE SUN is a superb story that will gain new fans for Ms. Popp.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted June 20, 2003


Galactic smuggler Angel Torrence resents Colonel Nicoli Romanof from the first order he barks at her. His disembodied voice instructs her to set a course for the most perilous planet in the solar system. On the riskiest mission of his career, Nicoli allowed his life essence and his physical form to be separated. Now he needs the cocky pilot who's stolen his vessel to help him retrieve his person and destroy the deadly race of aliens. Angel will move heaven and earth to prove she is up to the task. But she never expects the colonel's physique to be so magnificent—or his heart to be so courageous. And when passion flares between them, she knows they've found love.


Too Close to the Sun
by Robin T. Popp

Love Spell
July 1, 2003
Available: July 1, 2003
ISBN #050552547X
EAN #9780505525475
320 pages
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