"A great read!"

I am a big fan of the Duets and have collected them all so far. These two stories by Jennifer Drew are good examples of why I enjoy the Duets as much as I do.

ONE BRIDE TOO MANY is Cole Bailey's story. It seems that Cole and his twin brother Zack have been blackmailed by their grandfather. They either find nice girls to marry or he'll sell his portion of the family business. Now Cole and Zack don't care about that since they've started Bailey Contracting, their own business but their mother runs Bailey Baby Products and will be very disappointed if she's no longer a part of the business. Cole lost the coin toss so he has to find a bride first. In order to do this, Cole crashes a wedding reception thinking that would be the perfect place to meet women. He ends up meeting Tess Morgan, an old high school friend who tutored him in British Literature. It seems that Tess has slimmed down, toned up and gotten beautiful. When Cole falls he falls hard.

One Groom To Go is Zack's story. Zack is a tougher nut to crack. He knows there's absolutely no way he's going to find a bride. When he's blackmailed into starring on a woman's home improvement show, he thinks he may have found the perfect woman to help him with the farce until he actually works with her. Megan Danbury, the hostess of the show, and Zack do not see eye to eye about anything! She resents that he won't follow the script and he thinks she's just too anal about everything! It seems as though her grandfather and his grandfather are big golfing buddies so when they jump into the fray, things just go from bad to worse! Then Megan is offered the dream job in New York that will really further her career. Can Zack let her go? Will she be able to let Zack go?

These two stories were charming, funny and a riot to read. I thoroughly enjoyed them both and look forward to more stories from the mother and daughter writing team of Jennifer Drew!

Kathy Boswell

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted September 7, 2001


Duets 59
by Jennifer Drew

September 1, 2001
ISBN #0373441258
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