"an air of magic that weaves into a wonderful love"

GRYPHON'S QUEST by Candace Sams is a fantastic start to the 'Tales of the Order'. I read the second book, THE GAZING GLOBE first, which I thoroughly enjoyed and then went in pursuit of the first 'Tale of the Order', GRYPHON'S QUEST. I really can't say that I enjoyed one book more than the other, as they both are equally unique with wonderful creativity and suspense woven around the romance of the two lead characters. Each is an amazing creation in its own right following the common lore of fairies, druids, nymphs, elves, etc.

GRYPHON'S QUEST begins in modern day introducing us to a secret Order. This Order is a society of fairies, druids, elves, nymphs, sprites, etc. all living in harmony with each other in a beautiful shire that is hidden in England, away from the human race in hopes to protect their ways and culture.

However amongst the Order is a unique and singular man/creature. His name and what he is are the same, a Gryphon. So different is Gryphon from the rest of his folk that his peers cast him aside at a young age. Only his parents love him for who he is and he ultimately has lead to a very lonely life. In order to find value in this realm and gain more control over his ability to shape shift into a gryphon, which is half eagle like bird and half lion, he makes a pact with the leader, Shayla.

Shayla is the sorceress that rules over the Order and commands great powers. She bestows on Gryphon the ability to control his change provided he will help her protect the Order and go on missions of her choosing. He accepts and as time goes on Gryphon finds these missions more tedious as it only seems to alienate him even more from the rest of the shire folk.

His latest mission is to recover the three ancient runes stolen from the order and now in the United States. Gryphon and his parents go to New York in pursuit of them. It is upon this mission that Gryphon encounters Heather, an assistant to one of the scientists in the museum. Gryphon believes that through Heather he should be able to gain the runes and return to England where he will resume is lonely life.

But his loneliness has made him reckless and he becomes more entangled with Heather than he ever dreamed; for she does not know his true identity and truly cares for the man she has coming to know. However relationships outside the Order are forbidden and can carry a punishment of death. So Gryphon walks a fine line in his enlistment of Heather to find the runes and his new found feelings for her.

As the intrigue and conflicts continue to twist and develop, my reading accelerates wondering if a bridge might be made between the Order and the outside world? Or, if either will survive this quest to love each other, because someone in the outside world has initiated the runes for evil and is wreaking havoc in New York hunting those that are after the runes.

This book is awesome. It has an air of magic that weaves through it right into the wonderful love scenes shared between Heather and Gryphon. I totally recommend not only this book but also the series that is growing from this first 'Tale of the Order'. Candace Sams is a wonderfully creative author that is taking paranormal romance to new heights. I can't wait to read her next 'Tale of the Order', STONE HEART.

reviewed for a previous release by Imajinn Books / February 1, 2002 - ISBN #1893896722

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted June 12, 2003


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Gryphon's Quest
(Tales of the Order - Book 1)
by Candace Sams

Titan Press
March 1, 2006
Available: February 28, 2006
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199 pages
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