"This whole dark world is fabulous and scintillating"

This book or rather Volume 1 is in two parts. The first being our introduction to the sensual desires of the dark with ONE WITH HUNGER....

This story introduces us to a gorgeous but reserved red- head named Shai. What we don't realize at first is that behind her conservative appearance lies the highly dark sensual nature of her being. Working our way around the table at Shai's birthday dinner, each friend shares their secret sexual fantasy. After several glasses of wine, Shai finally opens up about her dream for a tall dark and handsome man to take her by candlelight and leave her completely and utterly sated.

Little does Shai know her request was heard by the very keen ears of one VERY yummy vampire. And as a reader you do not have to wait long before tall dark and gorgeous comes hovering outside her window to grant her wish. My oh my! Valentin is one of the older vampires and is described in the most delicious manner. J.C. Wilder is one uninhibited writer. I brought this book to work and kept panicking that my boss might catch a glimpse of what I was reading. Thank god the cover is really classy! (But I digress...sorry)

Our villain is one disturbed, psycho stalking vampire named Mikhail. He has become totally fixated on Shai and the need to possess her. The fact that Valentin has moved in on her already does not bode well. I like the fact that even though Mikhail has quite a few screws loose, the author still made him visually appealing; which I think is a good contrast to his true nature.

The only concerned I had about the first story however, was the fact that I didn't get to spend more time with the characters Valentin and Shai before I was on to the second story of the book, called RETRIBUTION.

But never fear, RETRIBUTION was great in every way, shape and form. In this story it is 10 years since Shai and Valentin first met and we are moving on to learn about other vampires and revenants. The second story revolves around Jennifer who was created by Mikhail our villain vampire from the first story and Connor MacNaughten (Mac), who is a long lost love of Jennifer's and also a revenant.

In RETRIBUTION the reader has a better view of the vampire / revenant culture and the order with which it operates in. The vampires are not your typical blood- sucking, cross-fearing types as Hollywood would lead us believe. Rather they are a highly sensual, peaceful and enigmatic people that move through the centuries adapting as they go. Here again I really liked how J.C. didn't create her vampires and revenants as depressed and dwelling in the darkness they live in; as I have read in many other vampire novels. Instead her characters embrace their uniqueness and pursue their afterlife to the ever loving fullest. Very cool!

Anyhow the gist of RETRIBUTION is an ancient Vampire, Miranda, has been abducted by the same villain vampire from ONE WITH HUNGER, Mikhail and Jennifer, his revenant is determined to help save her. But to do so Jennifer must face her master, a man she escaped from a century ago. Little does Jennifer know she is but a pawn in a far greater plan that Mikhail has devised, which brings many in the vampire and revenant culture to the surface.

J.C. Wilder creates fabulous sexual tension between the two long lost loves, Jennifer and Mac, as they work together to save Miranda and salvage whatever is left of a love lost. J.C. also invites us in to the inner sanctum of the vampire council that governs the undead to see how this culture is ruled. This whole dark world is fabulous and scintillating. RETRIBUTION kept me on the edge of my seat and panting for more.

I've read a lot of authors who write vampire like novels. IE: Christine Feehan, Amanda Ashley, Maggie Shayne, Heather Graham, Linda Lael Miller etc. Each has taken a different slant on the vampire nature and I was happy to see that J.C. Wilder did too. Her books are completely delicious!!! J.C. Wilder knows how to make her sex scenes sizzle, her villains hateful and her heroes damn sexy! I could not read them fast enough. I am so glad I have yet to get to the next volumes in her Shadow Dweller Series. I highly recommend the Shadow Dweller Series Vol. I.

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted June 12, 2003


Contains Book 1 "One With the Hunger" and Book 2 "Retribution"
These titles have been revised and rereleased by Ellora's Cave


The Shadow Dweller Series Volume I
(Shadow Dwellers - Books 1 and 2)
by J. C. Wilder

October 1, 2001
Available: November 6, 2006
ISBN #1553164903
EAN #9781553164906
223 pages
Trade Size (reprint)
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