"Madeline battles fear and magic with love"

The Djinn live on Kaf, a magical and desert-like alternate universe of Terra -- our present day Earth. Zayne is 'the Minstrel' and keeper of the balance of Kaf. Usually there is more than one Minstrel for Kaf, but accidents have left him the only one. It is time for him to take his mate and during a ritual of divination he sees his soulmate. Although he expects to find a female djinn whose voice will blend with his own, his vision is of a human who is to be his zaniya (soulmate). A djinn with a Terra mate is not unheard of, but a Minstrel with a zaniya who cannot sing and is afraid of public speaking is an impossibility!

Madeline Fairbanks is a gifted dancer who has suffered from severe stage fright since a teenager. While house-sitting for her friend Tildy, she meets Zayne who is far from the absent-minded elderly house guest she expected. After her stage fright nearly lost her the job as PA for a reclusive author, he offers to let her keep her job if he can interview her step-father. Through Zayne she finds that magick is real and that it caused her mother's breakdown. Now the need to find her evil step-father means more than keeping her job.

The phobia of public speaking is such a common feeling that it is easy to understand the strength Madeline needs to battle this fear. Also, Madeline's initial thought of Zayne being from another country made this strong, powerful djinn seem more real and brought his lack of understanding 'Earth magic' into an easy to appreciate as well as amusing perspective. Terra and Kaf are together but separate -- how can Zayne and Madeline find balance and love for themselves and their worlds?

SPELLBOUND is the 4th in Kathleen Nance's fabulous djinn (genie) series. Although there are cameo appearances, the worlds are adequately explained that a reader can enjoy this story without having read the others. Even so, once you have read this book, you will wish to read the other stories (WISHES COME TRUE; MORE THAN MAGIC; ENCHANTMENT)

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted June 10, 2003


As the Minstrel of Kaf, Zayne kept the land of the djinn in harmony. Yet lately, raging desires and unquenchable yearnings were throwing his life into discord and wreaking havoc on his home. He needed a woman to restore balance to his life, a woman with whom he could blend his voice and his body. And according to his destiny, this soul mate could only be found in the strange land of Earth.

Madeline knew to expect a guest while house-sitting for her eccentric neighbor. However, she hadn't expected the man would be so sexy, so potent, so fascinated by the doorbell. Zayne may have been a disaster with modern amenities, but he certainly knew what made her tick. With one soul- stirring kiss, she saw colorful sparks dancing on the air. But Madeline wanted to make sure her handsome djinni wouldn't pull a disappearing act before she could allow herself to become utterly . . . Spellbound.

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(Djinn Series: Book 4)
by Kathleen Nance

Love Spell
June 1, 2003
Available: May 28, 2003
ISBN #0505524864
EAN #9780505524867
384 pages
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