"quite humorous, light read"

Haley Yates had almost finished the police academy, before she was almost blinded and forced to quit. She is now a secretary at the Fort Lauderdale police department and goes to the department's Halloween costume party as Catwoman. Since Haley usually dresses in figure camouflaging business suits and unattractive glasses, nobody recognizes her at the party. Lieutenant Cole Fischer, who Haley has loved from afar, flirts with her as the Catwoman. Haley leaves before the midnight unmasking and returns home. Once there, she hears that a police officer is in trouble on her police scanner. Haley, still dressed as Catwoman, goes to aid the officer if she can. Haley saves Cole's life but runs away before he can identify her. Later, Cole asks Haley for a date, but he still seems somewhat preoccupied with the Catwoman.

PURRFECT JUSTICE is a great, light read to wile away a summer afternoon. I found portions of this book quite humorous. It was funny when Haley became jealous of herself. I particularly liked the way Cole's father kept showing up and embarrassing him. If you are looking for a humorous read, give PURRFECT JUSTICE a try.

Marlene Breakfield Copyright 2003
For & ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Marlene Breakfield
Posted June 8, 2003


Contemporary Romantic Comedy. Haley Vaughn feels invisible, especially to the gorgeous policemen she works with in the Ft. Lauderdale Police station. Whereas they trip all over themselves to get her best friend Cindy's attention, they trip over her...until the night of the Halloween ball, when she loses her glasses in favor of contact lenses, and her dowdy business suit in favor of a super sexy Catwoman costume, and then tops off the night by rescuing the man of her dreams, ultra-sexy Lt. Cole Fischer, from a gun wielding thief. Cole's enchanted by his mysterious savior and vows to find her, especially when she keeps showing up in her costume, to rescue him whenever he gets himself into a bind. Curiosity and his pounding libido are about to kill him. Meanwhile, he's been thrown together with Haley, the police department's admin assistant, and while she's not deadly sexy as his temptress, she's awfully sweet and the perfect homemaker. Soon, his heart is pulled in two and he can't explain how he can be highly attracted to two polar opposite women. Meanwhile, Haley sympathizes with Clark Kent. She starts to seriously question her sanity when she starts to feel jealous of herself! But she can't compete with her alter ego as men aren't attracted to women who wear glasses . . . or are they?


Purrfect Justice
by Elaine Hopper

Novel Books, Inc.
April 1, 2003
ISBN #1591051258
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