"A Tale of Timeless Love"

A FIND THROUGH TIME is Ms. Petit's debut novel. It brings to mind another debut novel, THE RELUCTANT VIKING, by the best selling paranormal romance writer, Sandra Hill. The theme involves a heroine whose relationships in the present have fallen apart, who travels to the past to begin anew as a younger and virginal counterpart. Her lover is a past incarnation of her soul-mate. The time travel serves to not only give the heroine the chance to begin anew, but places her in a period where the precariousness of life is driven home by the harsh realities of the time. It reinforces in her what is truly important, to live and love in the moment, and for all that you are worth.

Two souls who should have been bitter enemies, Two Moons, a Lakota warrior, and White Swan, a half-breed Crow woman, found deep abiding love. That love was destined to end far too soon, a casualty of the Battle of Little Big Horn. Their souls had come to rest in the present day within Gabrielle Camden, a forensic pathologist, and reporter/photographer, Roy Prescott. Are they destined to complete their interrupted life together? Not if Gabrielle has anything to say about it!

Circumstances had made Gabrielle a loner. Her family had fallen apart in her childhood, with the death of her younger brother. Her love life hadn't worked out either, so Gabrielle has immersed herself in her work. She is not receptive to recognizing a soul-mate, let alone this pesky reporter. She does not trust him, and even he does not understand the strange connectedness he feels to her.

Gabrielle is ecstatic about her latest find, a Native American Woman whose remains date back to the time of Custer's Last Stand. It had been as if the hand of fate had led her to the find. Immersed in sculpting the face of the woman over the bones of her skull, Gabrielle fails to realize that the face she is sculpting bears a remarkable resemblance to her own.

The realization of what she's done, sends Gabrielle into a tails-spin. Panicked she flees. Drawn to the excavation site she is suddenly catapulted back in time and into the body of White Swan, the maiden who shares her features and blue eyes. Her journey also sends her into the arms to Two Moons, the warrior who has great reason to despise both the Crow people and the white soldiers who make up White Swan's heritage.

Through the love they come to share Gabrielle learns a lifetime of lessons about relationships. The friendship of a Sioux maiden, when Gabrielle need it most, the hard won respect of Two Moon's mother, and most of all the love of the fierce warrior, open Gabrielle to the possibilities her own life has to offer.

As Gabrielle learns the lessons of the past, Roy's soul takes a journey of it's own in the present. His past is beginning to emerge, in his thoughts and actions, even in the clothes he wears. He does not understand his sudden fixation with Native American culture where an inexplicable aversion had resided before. He doesn't understand the chemistry he feels for Gabrielle, but he is determined to convince her to explore it. Her disappearance merely deepens those feelings. His search for her brings him in contact with a Native American physician who puts Roy in touch with his ancient spirit. Through wisdom and visions Roy too comes to understand the soul deep connection.

The fate of Two Moon's people is at hand. Can Gabrielle change their destiny? Will she return to the present to find a love of her own? I like the way Ms. Petit told two stories in one. I found it refreshingly different. If you enjoy tales of timeless love, you will enjoy A Find Through Time.

Copyright 2001

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted June 27, 2001


Across the sweeping plains of Montana, back to the Battle of Little Big Horn, comes a heartfelt story of self-discovery, reclaimed heritage and eternal love.


A Find Through Time
by Marianne Petit

WigWam Publishing
October 1, 2000
ISBN #1930076185
EAN #9781930076181
212 pages
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