"A Paranormal Lover's Dream!"

This story is on my all time keepers list, five stars and then some!

This book was a paranormal lovers dream - three love stories in one, three to-die-for heroes, one ghost, one immortal, and one time traveler. This was a truly excellent tale. If I had one complaint it would be that the third story was too short. I felt like Alex and Delaney got together by default.

Three centuries ago, Scotland: Two warring clans, the MacKinnons and the Clarens, make a desperate bid for peace. Laird MacKinnon has 3 strong sons, Laird Claren, 3 lovely and mystical daughters. A wedding is to join them and end the feud. The lads agree out of a deep sense of duty, but the lasses wish for love. No wedding takes place.

The oldest son, Alex, mysteriously disappears the night before his wedding. The middle daughter flees to the colonies to avoid a loveless marriage to Duncan and both perish in a blizzard, when he attempts to retrieve her. The youngest Claren daughter is seduced by John Roderick (Rory) the youngest MacKinnon, but his words of love ring false. His bride betrays him on their wedding day, claiming rape. A battle is waged. The Claren's are triumphant, the surviving MacKinnons are taken in by other clans.

The Claren's victory is short-lived however, as they soon meet defeat at the hands of clan MacDonald. Rory survives to see all those that he loved die before him. Worst of all is the legacy the couples left behind, a curse. From that moment on, marriages mating MacKinnons and Clarens have ended in tragedy.

Present day: Lachlan Claren has died, His wife, a MacKinnon, had fallen victim to the curse years earlier. Lachlan had spent many years looking for the key that will unlock the curse now known as the legend MacKinnon. He has failed, but he has hopes that his heirs will carry on in his stead.

His great-nieces; 3 cousins, all orphans and products of tragic MacKinnon-Claren marriages, meet for the first time upon receiving their inheritances. To unlock the mystery they must all work together.

All are pleased to find that they have living family but what would motivate them to drop what they are doing and pursue Lachlan's quest? Ah that's where those to-die-for MacKinnon lads come in. Maggie, Cailean, and Delaney Claren are about to meet their matches.

Alex's fiancée had sent him to the future to protect him from the inevitable clan war and also to teach him a lesson.

Duncan is a ghost who cannot ascend until he atones for his sins. He has spent the last 3 centuries in Limbo; his penance is that he must spend one month each year in a cabin in the Smokey Mountains to contemplate his errors.

Rory's curse was immortality, to wander the earth having no one to share his life.

They all converge on Stonelachen, the former MacKinnon stronghold in hope that there they will find the key to the family curse. But what they find is love. Having learned the lesson their seventeenth century brides meant for them to learn, Duncan may now ascend and Alex and Rory may return to the past to change the course of history.

Have the Claren cousins found love only to lose it, and what will become of them if the MacKinnons do indeed change the past? Would they even be born?

This was a lot of fun, and there were lots of twists, Maggie Claren, is running from her obsessed 20th century fiancé who's decided if he can't have her no one can, hides out in Duncan's cabin.

Cailean is a Claren Key, a seer. Her premonitions send her halfway around the world to save Maggie from Duncan MacKinnon only to find herself in the arms of another MacKinnon, Rory.

Delaney, is one tough lady. She's an anti-terrorist and not about to let the eldest MacKinnon warrior, Alex, push her around. Delightful read. I highly recommend it.

Copyright © 1999

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted September 7, 2001


Three centuries ago in Scotland a curse was born of the long-standing feud between the Claren and the MacKinnon clans. Now, generations later, destiny has decreed that three women, the last of the Claren line, be granted one final chance to set things right.

Maggie, Cailean, and Delaney Claren are three cousins who grow up unaware of one another-until an inheritance brings them together. Now mysterious journals and the deed to an ancient Scottish castle will bring them face-to-face with the warriors at the heart of the MacKinnon family, three brothers sentenced to cruel fates by a terrible curse.

Duncan is trapped in the form of a ghost, Rory must live an immortal life alone, and Alexander has been wrenched by time from the past to the present, with no way back. Ferociously compelling, dangerously relentless, they are bound by no mortal laws-except desire for the three Claren women. The journals speak of one key that can break the powerful spell. And finding that key will plunge them all into a world of unforeseeable danger and tantalizing desire....


The Legend MacKinnon
by Donna Kauffman

April 1, 1999
ISBN #0553579231
EAN #9780553579239
405 pages
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