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Becky Gauger's book, THE WIZARD'S WIFE, is a wondrous tale of love and adventure. Set in a medieval time frame, where dragons and rocs still abide and science is wizardry; Ms Gauger describes a world that is easy to believe in and dream of.

As the book opens, Marela finds herself, once again, alone. As a child, she lost everyone she loved to fire. Fortunate enough to be taken in by caring foster parents, she grew up in a loving home. However when her foster mother, Mardk dies, followed by the Wasting Illness and death of her foster father, the villagers burn her home on her father's funeral pyre. There is no safe place for her in the superstitious village.

As Marela sets out for her mother's family in the South, she meets up with an old friend, Shap, who agrees to be her guide. However, while sleeping in the forest, the entire group disappears with no sign of where they went or what happened to them. After several days of walking through the woods, Marela stumbles upon a castle. She finds the courage to approach, only to be greeted by an elderly wizard with brown eyes and a white beard which reaches to his knees. AErin takes her under his wing, offering protection through the winter. Marela is initially shy and nervous around this strange being, but time and his thoughtful care gradually ease her frightened, pained heart.

She is totally surprised, therefore, to discover that AErin is not an old man. Walking in on his bath, she discovers a man in his prime. Her attraction is immediate, though his deception confuses her and her own feelings are frightening. AErin explains that his deception was for her protection, giving her time to heal. As his actions have been gentle and protective, Marela decides to stay.

Both AErin and Marela have to deal with issues from their pasts. AErin lost his first wife years before and has mourned her while protecting his heart. Marela fears that her love is a curse, dooming those she cares for to death. Tentatively, yet ever so sweetly, the two grow closer. When AErin proposes, Marela accepts with the knowledge that love is not the reason for marriage in their world. Safety, protection, companionship and friendship are more than most are offered.

The newlyweds travel as spring arrives. Adventures unfold as they meet up with other wizards, solving problems with the magic of science. While Marela does not understand much of what AErin does, her trust is well placed and wonderful scenes abound where AErin helps those around him with a wink, sleight of hand, and knowledge of the world far beyond those who surround him. AErin's choice of other traveling companions is, as usual, unpredictable. However, as the plot unfolds, the reader can see why his choices make sense.

The adventures go on, the mysteries unfold...and the story is enchanting. Ms. Gauger has written a book which enfolds the reader in a world of fantasy they will be loathe to leave. It touches and soothes the frantic, often cynical world views we so often espouse. I give this book my highest commendations...and recommend it to readers of any age who hide a place in their hearts where the dreams still live on.

Reviewed by Gina Duvall
Posted June 6, 2003


AErin of Grendelire has wed. The problem is his bride has been kidnapped. Not a good idea. You just don't kidnap the wizard's wife! So, armed with his knowledge of science, and a flair for the dramatic, not to mention a roc, a few wizards, a dragonslayer, and an army or two...

Well, would you want to be the bad guy?

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The Wizard's Wife
by Becky Gauger

1stBooks Library
May 1, 2002
ISBN #0759644381
384 pages
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