"A fairy tale story of magic, adventure and love"

Wow! What a great novel! This book is astounding in its detail but you don't drown in it. Mary Lennox is an author to keep an eye on. I believe HEART OF FIRE is the ultimate fairy tale. You have the good, the bad, the amazing and magical. I found this book could take my breath away as the plot continuously wove in so many wonderful directions and possibilities. I was on the edge of my seat (literally) and glued to each passing chapter.

Nicholas is a King trying to keep his country and people safe from the Napoleonic war, by forming alliances with other ruling countries. He is a man driven to prove his worth, as his father deemed him weak due to his struggles with pneumonia. The last thing on his mind is love; as a king can only have one love and that is for his country. There is no room for anyone else, or is there?

Sera, an innocent in many ways, has the temerity and courage to not let fear of the unknown stop her from being who she is in a world that could shun her. Part of an elite and magical race hidden in the Arkadian Mountains, Sera is drawn into the world of the common man/Outlander in search of the Heart of Fire. A ruby of incredible brilliance and power has been stolen. Taking it upon herself to recover the ruby and return it to her people, she is captured. During this confinement she inadvertently comes into contact with the Outlander, King Nicholas Rostov, who is a guest at the palace she is being held captive. Sera saves King Rostov from a band of terrorists who call themselves The Brotherhood. Thankful for her intervention, Nicholas whisks Sera away to his castle and home where he intends to keep her until he can learn all the secrets this rare beauty holds. For by the prickling on the back of his neck, he knows this is no mere slip of a woman, as her demeanor and education reflect a possibility of nobility.

It is through this time spent with Sera that Nicholas realizes a king does not have to lock away his feelings from his people and family to be a good ruler, but rather embrace them and show he has the compassion to be a great King. Meanwhile, Sera realizes that her powers are beginning to blossom the more she comes to truly love Nicholas. But without the guidance of her mage and the protection of Arkadia, will she be able to use them wisely?

And of course, what book can be fantastic without a good greedy enemy seeking power to contrast against our hero and heroine. For hidden within Sera is the fear of a man of considerable power that destroyed her family and hunts her even now. With the constant threat hanging over them both, the royal protocol, and the need to be together, the sexual tension in this book grows very effectively. And Mary Lennox does not the time I finished this book I felt complete and sated...In other words WOW! : )

Mindy Lobaugh Copyright 2003

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted June 6, 2003


King Nicholas Rostov vows to protect his beloved country from both Napoleon's troops and the Brotherhood, a band of terrorists threatening his borders. When the mysterious slave, Sera, saves him from an assassination attempt, Nicholas brings her home with him to raise her above her station and make her a lady in his court. But the sixth sense that never fails him tells him that Sera has a special power inside her that will help him protect his country. Conscience shouts that he should send her home to her hills, but desire whispers that her place is with him forever.

Little does Nichoas know that Sera is a princess in disguise. On the run from Anatole Galerien, an evil killer, she is on a desperate quest to retrieve the stolen Heart of Fire,the magnificent ruby that hides her magical kingdom from the outside world. Now, a pampered prisoner in Nicholas's castle, Sera feels her magical powers growing at an alarming rate. Without her grandfather's help, she must learn to understand and control them before she shakes the very foundations of Nicholas's castle.

In this frightening land of strangers, war looms and danger lurks everywhere. As Sera struggles to keep her secrets, find the ruby, and master the magic inside her, she instincltively turns to the compelling captor who overwhelms her with his strength and confounds her with his comfort. But what good can come from loving an Outlander when every instinct tells her to flee this brutal world and return home to safely and peace?


Heart of Fire
by Mary Lennox

Imajinn Books
February 1, 2003
Available: May 10, 2004
ISBN #1893896919
EAN #9781893896918
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