"love and determination are timeless and powerful"

More than two centuries old, Nicholas Gale is an immortal who has endured more suffering than any being should ever have to lay claim.

Gale is orphaned as a teenager when his mother, in her efforts to become mortal, lost her sanity and killed her husband before committing suicide. Consequently estranged from his remaining relative (murderous twin brother, Adrian), Nicholas subsists on the imaginations of humans, slipping into their sleeping minds and weaving their dreams into tapestries of fantastic eroticism. He extracts only enough resulting life force to sustain himself. And this is sufficient until Diana Ransom -- the most forceful and passionate dreamer he has yet faced -- enters his life.

Diana is a psychologist specializing in sleep disorders. She is Nicholas's match in every way; her past irrevocably linked to his and Adrian's -- the man responsible for driving Diana's older sister, Clare, to suicide. With Clare's demise went Diana's ability to dream lucidly, but even more importantly went her ability to trust or love a man.

When Diana's young cousin Keely turns up missing and Diana is led to Nicholas, believing him responsible for Keely's disappearance, she is confronted with all the demons of her past in the irresistibly carnal, dangerous and tortured persona of Nicholas Gale.

With Diana's strength, Nicholas learns that he is more human and humane than most mortals are. Through her love, he realizes that he is nothing like his amoral and destructive mirror image and never will be, despite their immortal link. Together, Nicholas and Diana learn that their love and determination are as timeless and powerful as eternity.

Gracie McKeever, Author
for PNR Reviews

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted June 6, 2003


Investigating the disappearance of her young cousin, San Francisco psychologist Diana Ransom risks her eternal soul when she enters the world of Nicholas Gale, a brooding and irresistibly seductive vampire.

She can't take her eyes off the gorgeous, green-eyed stranger. But when she finally approaches him across the smoke-filled room, her reasons have little to do with the treacherous feelings he inspires. Diana suspects that this brooding, enigmatic man is responsible for the disappearance of her fragile young cousin. Desperate to find her and determined to plumb the mystery behind Nicholas Gale's hypnotic charm, Diana will follow him into the velvety darkness. . . and awake to a haunting passion. For Nicholas is no mere human but a vampire with the power to steal into a woman's dreams and fill her nights with untold rapture. And soon, blinded by an ecstasy sweeter than any she's ever known, Diana will find herself risking her eternal soul for a love that promises to be forever.


Prince of Dreams
by Susan Krinard

November 1, 1996
Available: November 11, 2006
ISBN #0553567764
EAN #9780553567762
425 pages
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