"intriguing characters make this excellent Space Opera"

Calling all Star Trek lovers. You will adore COMMAND PERFORMANCE by award-winning sci-fi and fantasy novelist Linnea Sinclair.

I didn't think it possible to create more intriguing characters than those populating the Star Trek or Star Wars universe, but Linnea Sinclair has added exciting, fresh plots. Of course space is such a huge place. The colorful cast of characters includes a lovesick half-human cyborg, a dashing, telepathic ladies man, a very hip and sassy but private heroine, a beautiful empathic/telepathic healer, and a pair of adorable furzels I yearn to scoop right out of the pages and take home for keeps if mine wouldn't get too jealous.

Sass, the ship's captain, is perfectly nick-named and reminds me a lot of another spunky, cute blonde I know from somewhere... She's spunky, sassy, and one tough lady you don't want to cross. As self-assured as she is about her job, her abilities and every other part of her life, she is scared to let any man too close, especially one who is half man, half machine.

Admiral Branden Kel-Paten, reminiscent of Lieutenant Commander Data, becomes so very human when he becomes smitten with the sassy, remote captain.

Charmingly warm healer and confidante, Dr. Eden Fynn, is the perfect foil and best friend to the captain. This is a female captain-doctor team is the best since Captain Kirk and Bones.

Telepath, Jace Serafino, the sexiest and most adorable space rebel since Hans Solo makes my pulse jump into hyper- drive. He can visit me telepathically anytime.

I loved Sass's "No No bad captain" t-shirt and think I will buy it for sure.

Chemistry sizzles between lovers and friends as magically as between the cast of the original Star Trek. I've been counting down the days till the sure-to-be exciting sequel, COMMAND DECISION, coming to the NBI star-studded galaxy in 2003, which is nowhere near soon enough for this space opera junky.

Reviewed for PNR Reviews by Elaine Hopper, Author

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted June 6, 2003



Take one unorthodox space fleet captain, whose well-earned nickname is Sass, and her side-kick CMO, Doc Eden Fynn. Add evil aliens, a secret mission and a pinch of Jace Serafino, a very sexy pirate who knows more than he's telling. He just can't remember what it is he knows. Drop in a dose of Admiral Branden Kel-Paten, a handsome, lovesick half-human cyborg, who's also Sass's Commanding Officer. Mix well. Sprinkle liberally with trouble, toss through a time warp. Add two stowaway furzels and more evil aliens for spice. Heat and stand back. Anything could happen. Just about everything does.

COMMAND PERFORMANCE. Is this anyway to run a universe? Captain Tasha Sebastian's about to find out...



Command Performance
(Command #1)
by Linnea Sinclair

Novel Books, Inc.
April 1, 2002
Available: December 5, 2006
ISBN #1591050642
EAN #9781591050643
224 pages
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