"What a great and different read!"

What an intriguing, magical story! Linda has a great voice. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing, the premise, characters...just everything about this novel.

After a minor car accident, the heroine comes upon a secluded cottage in the woods wherein a mysterious, hunky widower lives. No clocks or calendars are allowed in his home - the reason quickly becomes apparent when Liz awakens the next morning only to look in the mirror and see her twenty year-old self looking back, instead of the fifty year-old that she is.

What a great and different read! There were a couple of what I thought of as loose ends left untied, but they were minor and didn't take away from the story at all. I highly recommend ENCHANTED COTTAGE if you are looking for a good story.

Reviewed on ParaNormal Romance by
Carla Arpin

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted June 6, 2003


When her car breaks down on a deserted mountain road, Liz Riley discovers an enchanted cottage where time stands still. She wakes up to find her youth restored, and her passions ignited by the owner of the cottage--a man she thinks is young enough to be her son. Only when she comes to terms with the fact that age doesn't matter is the true magic of the enchanted cottage revealed.

ENCHANTED COTTAGE is a story for women who may feel their youth slipping away, but not their zest for life, their taste for adventure, or their ability to recognize and appreciate the power of love--at whatever stage it enters their life.

Dorothy Parker Award for Excellence Nominee



Enchanted Cottage
by Linda Bleser

Novel Books, Inc.
January 1, 2002
ISBN #1931696578
Trade Size (reprint)
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