"Some good twists... not at all what I expected"

When Morgana Stuart confronts her cousin Adair (another witch) for breaking the code of "Do no harm," she isn't prepared for the consequences. A failed attempt at Morgana's murder propels her from the Salem with trials to 1992 New England where she becomes Morgan, a talented artist who puts her magic on ice.

Eight years later, she meets a man that her soul knows...a man she saw in a vision...her destiny (though she tries to deny it initially). That is when it all goes wrong. Morgan is being haunted, Adair, and no one close to her is safe. She has only until Ostara, the equinox, to find Adair and stop her. Otherwise, Morgan will be sent back to die in the trials. Unfortunately, that means dusting off the magic and admitting to Alex who and what she really is. "And it's not like you're a witch. Are you?"

Some good twists. I like the main characters including the couple that keeps house for Alex and his quirky sister, Josie. The end (when it came) was very fast and not at all what I expected. Good or bad on that point?? It said a lot about the main characters but I really thought it was going somewhere else. That is not a bad thing overall. No one ever said a book had to be predictable...certainly not me! Overall, it was an enjoyable read and one I'd recommend for spending an evening curled up at home. Love the little details! Even my husband laughed when I read him the story about "Fang."

Reviewed for PNR Reviews by
Brenna Lyons, Author

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted June 6, 2003


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Ostara...when the hours of the day and night are equal. The perfect time for a time travel spell...

Morgan Stuart has a secret. Torn from a Seventeenth Century Salem Village in a spell that backfired, she's made a new life for herself as an artist in modern-day Montana. She considers her life normal...until she meets Alexander Beaumont.

But when Morgan realizes that the handsome mystery writer is her destiny, her life turns upside down. Her enemy from the Seventeenth Century will stop at nothing to keep her from finding the elusive happiness she seeks. The deeper her love grows for Alex, the more imperiled her life becomes.

Alex soon finds out that the beautiful artist has a troubled past...a past he can't even begin to imagine. Strange things happen when they are together, things that are only explained by magic. As the hours of night and day advance on one another, Alex realizes he must fight a supernatural force to keep the woman who has captured his heart, before Ostara falls and he loses her forever.


Shadows in the Fire
by Jacqueline Elliott

Treble Heart Books
January 1, 2002
ISBN #1931742650
289 pages
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