"half-mortal learns it's how you love that matters"

Brakos Wannamaker is a dark-haired, blue-eyed web-site designer. Okay... already I'm in love. Oh, yes, he's also a vampire whose ancient name is "Brakos". Or, at least he's half-vampire, having had a mortal woman for a mother.

He's promised himself he won't make the same mistake his father did. He wants to marry a full-blooded vampire, or he will live alone forever. Never will he fall in love with a woman only to have a few scant years with her before she leaves him with nothing but fine memories. Besides, he wants his children to be able to do better than jump high. After all, he can't even turn into a bat.

But then he goes into a chat room for "vampires" and discovers a lovely woman named "Fyre", the Queen of the Gypsies. Eventually he learns her name is Susan McNulty and when she travels to New York on a business trip, he meets her in person, only to find himself immediately drawn to her.

Will he manage to overcome his prejudices about mortal women enough to learn the truth: that is isn't who you love, but how you love that matters?

I totally loved this short novella. In just a few pages Linda Bleser managed to give life to the half-mortal Roger and his lady, Susan, and the tale of their love. It won't be giving anything away to say that there is a happy ending to the story. After all, this is romance.

Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted June 6, 2003


Roger Wannamaker spends his nights brooding over his lost vampire heritage. When he wanders into a role-playing chat room, he can finally become the man he was always meant to be - Brakos, King of the Vampires. But when he meets the woman who would be his queen, can he tell her who he really is, or are they destined to remain online lovers only?


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by Linda Bleser

Treble Heart Books
April 1, 2002
ISBN #193174226X
EAN #9781931742269
100 pages
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