"Tale where true love really will win out"

A young woman meets a handsome knight on the evening of becoming Queen of Canticle, with the task of the next day naming her husband-to-be. Is Sir Barrett Llewellyn her true love, the man she should name? Generally considered plain, and uncertain in the art of love, Perion, known to her intimates as "Nonni" finds herself drawn to this new man, his cajoling touch and inflaming kiss. Before she can learn more about him, a magical spell thrusts him away to a far-away kingdom where a wicked sorcerer holds court.

Bereft, Perion gets her godmother's magical help in disguising herself and sets off alone on a quest to find Sir Barrett and learn for herself if he is her true love. It is a long journey and on it she learns that more than one man has the ability to make her feel what Sir Barrett stirred. She also discovers that she is capable of hard work, and earning true friendship from others, rather than putting up with the falseness of those back at court and in the long run she learns to depend on her own judgment to the benefit of those around her.

AN EXALTATION OF LARKS is a fairy tale of magic, of a quest where it is the heroine who seeks true love... and finds it, although not quite as she'd planned. One common theme in this book was the need to look deeper to find the truth. Another is that of redemption and that even the worst souls can become deserving of second chances and that true love really will win out.

Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted June 6, 2003


Princess Perion Marrett has always found more pleasure in filling her mind than her dance card. Becoming queen, however, means more than taking the throne. She must also take a husband. Only one man makes her heart beat faster, but when a witch's miscast spell sends Sir Barrett Llewellyn to the land of Grimearth, Perion journeys to find him. There she learns the truth of her heart -- but will it be her noble knight or the man she fears most, Dark Sorcerer Mason de Cimmerian? A princess, a knight and a rescue from the dark tower -- it's not the fairy tale your mother read you.

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An Exaltation Of Larks
by Megan Hart

Wings e-Press
June 1, 2002
ISBN #1590880846
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