"a highly satisfying tale of love, adventure, and magic"

From the very beginning of this book it is clear that Jennifer Dunne knows how to build a fantasy world. The world in "Shadow Prince" is a rich one, created with good writing, excellent characterizations, a strong understanding of magic... all the things one learns when doing DND games. I'm becoming convinced that role-players often make the best storytellers.

In Shadow Prince Angelique Blanchard is an artist on Earth, who paints fantasy scenes and suffers from "attacks" which give her glimpses of another world -- the one she's painting. She's been like this for the past ten years, afraid of storms, and bouncing in and out of reality since a car accident that killed her parents and left her in a coma for weeks. Searching for peace, she walks into the desert for some quiet time, but has another attack... and this time becomes not only a visitor to this fantasy world, but an active participant just as she had been while in the coma.

Ten years ago Reynart was prince of Nord D'Rae until a mysterious woman had appeared with strange powers that triggered the "gateway" to his kingdom, leaving the place flooded and destroyed. The fact that the woman he'd called "Anjeli" had walked off with his heart only made it worse. But now she's returned, and he can claim revenge on her... once he figures out what that revenge should be. Fortunately, before he can make up his mind a mage comes from the council of mages and Angelique and Reynart are needed to stabilize the rest of the gateways before disaster occurs.

It seems that ten years ago an evil mage had created a "construct" and pulled a soul from another world to inhabit that body. Angelique's previous stay had been the result. Now that she realizes she's really in this world, and not simply crazy, Angelique comes to terms with her situation... and with the love she still bears for Reynart. He, in turn, now realizes it wasn't her fault that his kingdom was destroyed. But still, it will be a long time before they learn to trust each other.

A significant part of the book is the pair of them remembering what occurred ten years ago, and reconciling it from their separate perspectives. The struggle for this, as well as the journey to save the gateways provides a well-balanced frame for the Reynart and Anjeli love- story. In addition, the hero and heroine are joined by the mage, Beryl, whose husband was killed by the same evil mage, and Kerrim, a young bard who accompanies them to the gateway as a way to obtain material for an epic song, sure to get him into the college of bards.

In short, Shadow Prince was a highly satisfying tale of love, adventure, and magic, sure to please those who quest in their hearts for all three.

Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted June 6, 2003


The kingdom of Nord D'Rae was destroyed ten years ago, although there are hundreds of theories as to how and why it happened. Popular sentiment blames the bastard prince Reynart D'Altha. But no one is foolish enough to ask the deadly assassin that Reynart has become.

Fantasy artist Angie Blanchard was assured by her psychiatrist that her visit to the imaginary kingdom of Nord D'Rae was a particularly vivid coma dream. The obsession threatens not only her sanity but her life. Finding out that the fantasy world is real doesn't change that threat, only transforms it.

When Angie is magically transported to Reynart's world, his plans for vengeance are interrupted by the mage council's representative. The destruction of Nord D'Rae destabilized the world's magical gateways, a situation which has recently become critical. The mage needs both Angie and Reynart to help her restore the broken Nord D'Rae gateway, then seal it for good. On their quest, they must face the lies and betrayals of ten years ago.

Too bad they'd rather kill each other.

This book is was previously published elsewhere.


Shadow Prince
(World Gates: Book 2)
by Jennifer Dunne

Cerridwen Press
July 1, 2005
ISBN #1419902687
EAN #9781419902680
e-Book (reprint)
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