"nicely paced, well written suspense tale"

"Never by Blood" is a murder mystery involving NASA, Interpol, and a special agent from the Vatican. After a pre-launch cocktail party for her astronaut husband, Therese Elliot, a professor of Middle Ages religion at a Catholic university, has a terrible dream in which she sees the crew of the Atlantis, her husband's shuttle, murdered and the words "auto da fe" scratched into the metal of the ship. Convinced that her dream was the result of overhearing one of the shuttle crew say something disturbing, she tries to unearth what has caused her fear.

Her efforts uncover a series of existing murders, two people in Florida, both involved in the shuttle launch, the rest overseas. Because of the religious nature of the threat, a special agent of the Vatican, John Cortise becomes involved as Therese travels to London and Beirut to unravel the identity of the killer, an identity that must be determined before the shuttle is launched and her dream becomes reality. Suspense is added when she inadvertently strikes up a chatroom relationship with the killer, whom she knows as "Jimenez the Inquisitor".

"Never by Blood" is a nicely paced, well written tale, with just enough fact about the actual launching of a space shuttle to ground the story without overwhelming the reader. The characters were well drawn including some of the minor characters. The main characters, Therese, John, Therese's husband, Mike Elliot, and "Jimenez" the killer were very believable. The identity of the killer was obscured enough to keep the reader guessing as to who it was, a nice trick when you consider that a shuttle crew only provides a limited number of candidates.

Overall, "Never by Blood" is a very interesting book, entertaining, and well worth reading.

Janet Miller Copyright 2002
for ParaNormal Romance Reviews
originally published @ Amazing Authors Showcase

Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted June 6, 2003


Therese Elliott has a terrifying and realistic nightmare about her husband's upcoming launch of the shuttle Atlantis, twenty-five days before launch. In her dream the entire crew has been murdered by a madman, and she is seeing dead bodies through her husband's eyes. Little does she know, until she hooks up with a investigative priest from the Vatican, that she has unconsciously tuned into an international terrorist with his own agenda for disrupting the flight and destroying the space station.


Never by Blood
by Noel Carroll

November 6, 2002
ISBN #0965870251
228 pages
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