"Excellent! Edgy, Shapeshifter Romance"

DARK DESIRE is the second book of the Dark (Carpathian) Saga that debuted with DARK PRINCE (August 1999); Ms. Feehan's first published novel that rapidly achieved popular acclaim.

Although it is not necessary, I strongly recommend reading DARK PRINCE prior to reading this book. It will familiarize the reader with the characters as well as some background and insight into the Carpathian physiology and rituals.

DARK DESIRE is the story of Jacques. Those who are already familiar with Jacques, know him as the easy-going Carpathian who in spite of his dark colorless existence, has retained a sardonic sense of humor. He is the younger brother of Carpathian Prince Mikhail to whom he is both loyal and affectionate.

A quarter century has passed and life has changed Jacques in a big way. He has been tortured by a group of human males in league with a betrayer, one of his own kind. Paralyzed and painfully wounded, he is entombed. Unable to reach the healing soil he is weak, in excruciating pain, his mind on the brink of insanity. He is unable to communicate with others of his race. He is presumed dead. His only connection to the world outside is a tenuous link to a young human female. His memory fractured, he feels he knows her and calls out to her. He is bewildered as to why she doesn't come to free him. Is she in league with the betrayer? Jacques hangs on by shear force of will, living for the day of his retribution.

Shea to has lived with isolation. Her father whom she's never known is presumed to be dead. Her mother's grief is so complete she has nothing left for Shea. Once Shea is grown she chooses to join her beloved in death.

Shea has been stricken with strange physical attacks and bewildering dreams. A man is in terrible peril and is calling out to her. She does not respond, believing them to be nightmares, perhaps a manifestation of her illness. Shea has a rare blood disease; she fears she is dying. She requires daily transfusions. Left virtually to raise herself, Shea's intelligence and interest in discovering a cure has led her to become a physician in her late teens. She is a gifted surgeon, known for her ability to wrest the most severely injured from the jaws of death. Her ability to communicate with the minds of her surgical team makes her extremely efficient.

For seven years she has endured these strange attacks and a compulsion to rescue this unreal victim who calls to her. Then finding her mother' journal, she learns the identity of her father who apparently suffered from the same disease. Sensing her time is running out, she travels to his homeland in the Carpathian Mountains seeking information, drawing ever closer to the one who calls to her soul.

Jacques is nearly feral from his experience. He has no memory, cannot trust those who were once close to him. There is only Shea. If Mikhail and Raven's love was unrestrained and passionate, the relationship between Jacques and Shea is explosive, just shy of violent. Shea is a remarkable heroine; she fights for Jacques with everything she has in her. She is strong no matter what Jacques throws at her, and in spite of his powerful Carpathian's will, she is firm her convictions and remains very independent.

I enjoyed all the mysteries that unraveled; Who and what is Shea and who is she to Jacques? Can she repair his body and his mind, can she earn his trust? Who is the betrayer, what is his grievance, and how does he have the power ensnare and paralyze a Carpathian? Then of course we edged just a little bit closer to the key to the secret that might just save the Carpathian race, but only enough to make the reader yearn for the next book in the series.

The character development was incredible as was the romance. I was gripped by Jacques struggle to contain the violence he feels, the strength he exerts as he tries to reorder his shattered mind. I was also impressed with Shea. She is strong, supportive, and up to handling a Carpathian male at his very worst. In spite of her inevitable role in Jacques life she maintains her independence.

Chris Feehan has a fertile imagination and a gift for story telling.

Copyright 1999

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted September 6, 2001


A Carpathian Novel

The stranger silently summoned her across the continents, across the seas. He whispered of eternal torment, of endless hunger . . . of dark, dangerous desires. And somehow American surgeon Shea O'Halloran could feel his anguish, sense his haunting aloneness, and she ached to heal him, to heal herself.

Drawn to the far Carpathian mountains, Shea found a ravaged, raging man, a being like no other. And her soul trembled. For in his burning eyes, his icy heart, she recognized the beloved stranger who'd already become part of her. The imperious Carpathian male had compelled Shea to his side. But was she to be his healer. . . or his prey? His victim . . . or his mate? Was he luring her into madness . . . or would his dark desire make her whole?

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampire, Shapeshifter

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Dark Desire
(Dark: Book 2)
by Christine Feehan

December 1, 1999
Available: December 3, 2006
ISBN #050552354X
EAN #9780505523549
315 pages
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