"Intriguing dragon tale of love and revenge."

If you love dragon stories this is one that you don't want to miss. Mr. Troop has written a story that you can't put down until the last page and wishing it was longer. This is the first dragon story I've read that I've thoroughly enjoyed and I hope Mr. Troop continues writing them.

It's been four long years since his wife Elizabeth was murdered, Peter is ready for a new mate and he knows who he wants, Chloe, Elizabeth's sister. While he's been waiting for Chloe to have her first oestrus he's been raising his son Henri, teaching him that he cannot shape change in front of humans, teaching him to fly and finally to hunt.

Peter has to deal with Tindall, who with the help of others, is trying to buy the island next to his to turn it into a tourist resort. His and Henri's privacy will be non- existent if he allows Tindall to go ahead with the deal. He leaves Arturo to deal with the problem and takes Henri to Jamaica to be there for Chloe so he can take her to mate and be his wife.

He has to deal with his in-laws who believe it's his fault that Elizabeth is dead so they decide they have to punish him for it. Charles, his father-in-law, and Derek, his brother-in-law, kidnap Henri holding him to make Peter tell them where his fortune is and about all his stocks and bonds. Chloe tries to help Peter and is locked in her room for it. While Peter is fighting for his life and trying to save his bride, Derek has gone to his business, taking Henri with him, impersonating Peter to put together a deal that will leave Peter penniless and Derek's family with all the money, even though he cannot find the treasure under the house.

Does Peter save Chloe, Henri and his business? Read the story you'll be surprised at the action; also how it is solved!

Reviewed by Donna Whitten
Posted May 22, 2003


The confessions of the dragon Peter DelaSangre continue four years after the murder of his beloved wife.


Dragon Moon
by Alan F. Troop

April 1, 2003
ISBN #0451459202
304 pages
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