"Story with perfect example of beauty being in the eye of the beholder"

Newly widowed, jobless and recently moved into a dump of an apartment Dee "Don't Call Me Diana" Plaas is the spirited heroine of MAGICK and alarmed at the recent emergence of her gift of Sight. She considers her visions anything but "gifts" and is only eager to see them stop as suddenly as they began. Soon, however, she'll have more on her plate to handle than unwanted dreams of the future and visions of sacrificial death and mayhem. Diana doesn't know it yet, but she is special, more gifted than anyone born in the last 200 years, and it's going to take a very special and gifted lifemate to prove it to her. Luckily, one Winston Sayre is equal to the task.

Win is a talented young Mage whose sole purpose in life is to serve Goddess and preserve The Balance. His first assignment is to keep Diana safe from Shiva. Win is so gun-ho to prove himself to Goddess and his Guardian and Grandfather that he loses sight of why he became a Mage in the first place. Thus he undertakes his first task stepping on toes and burning bridges at home in his enthusiasm and misguided attempt to show his worth and capability as a Mage.

If he thought an apprenticeship under the tutelage of a task-master Grandfather was a tough ride, Win has a lot to learn when he comes up against the barrier of his new assignment's skepticism, disbelief that has he and Diana locking horns from the very beginning. Diana's frightened of her dreams and visions, sure, but even more wary of her gorgeous new neighbor claming that her life is in danger and that he has been sworn to protect her.

Diana is more than capable of taking care of herself, and thinks Win is a wack job bent on conspiracy theories. When he turns up in her apartment uninvited (never mind without a key!) to whisk her away to safety, she is certain the guy, despite his hunkiness, is ready for the funny farm. After all, why else would any man, especially one as good looking as Win Sayre, have an interest in her, fat, tub-of- lard Diana?

Win has another thing coming if he thinks Diana is going to go along with him quietly. And desperate to stop her from meeting with Shiva, he uses a forbidden compulsion spell. The fun really begins when he takes her on a meandering journey on the way to his family's Stronghold for training to control her newfound talents and to learn to protect herself from Shiva.

Diana has never fit in with the crowd, not as a fat ungainly child, nor as a heavy adult. She has suffered at the hands of cruel people all of her life -- from the kids in school when she was a child, to her dearly-departed unfaithful husband, Barry. She doesn't feel worthy of anyone's love, especially not someone as devoted and earnest as Win, and has convinced herself she can live without it. Her one gift is that of visualization and most recently her Sight in the form of premonitions and nightmares. She hardly sees her Sight as a gift, more like one more curse to be endured in a cursed life.

When Win offers her the opportunity to train at the Stronghold, to, not exactly stop her visions, but at least get them under control, Diana jumps at the chance. She doesn't want to consider her other reasons for staying and believing: that she's more than a little attracted to Win.

The truth of the matter is, Diana and Win are lifemates, made for each other by Goddess. But getting the pair to believe this is one of Goddess's most difficult jobs since creating the pair, and pales in comparison to the difficulty of Win's first assignment. Her job would be all but insurmountable if not for one important fact, that Win and Diana have an undeniable link and care for each other to the death.

But with a few nudges here and there from Win's family, Goddess may get the pair to the altar and bonded long before death occurs.

From the violent opening scene of this book where a ritual sacrifice is described in graphic detail, MAGICK introduces its villain and several minions in brutal fashion, and starts off this story with a bang that never lets up on an action-packed strong plot.

Diana is a funny and sympathetic heroine, wholly believable as the self-conscious Seer and Adept thrown into a fantastic situation. Win as her wet-behind-the-ears lifemate is comical in his pursuit of Diana, his sincerity and awkward efforts to see the light always endearing. The world building is well done and provides limitless possibilities for character development and interesting interaction between the leads and the engaging supporting cast in future stories.

Diana and Win's story and developing relationship is a perfect example of beauty being in the eye of the beholder, and made this an enjoyable read, and entertaining introduction into Mary Taffs's world of Magick. I highly recommend this book, and look forward to more of Diana and Win's adventures in the next book in the series, MORE THAN MAGICK.

Gracie McKeever, Author
For ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted May 22, 2003


by Mary Taffs

Earthling Press
January 2, 2002
ISBN #1587492652
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